It’s that time of year again when high school seniors say “farewell” to the structure they have come to know to embark on a new adventure in their young lives.

Even though the final stretch of their high school careers was a bit different this year, seniors at Jackson, Oak Hill, Vinton County and Wellston have now each received their high school diplomas thus closing one chapter in their lives to begin another.

It wasn’t a traditional graduation due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, but each school district and community made the closing chapter special despite the circumstances.

Oak Hill and Vinton County seniors graduated on Friday, May 15, while Jackson and Wellston seniors graduated the following Friday on May 22. Vinton County had a drive-thru ceremony, while the other schools held video graduations that were pre-recorded and pieced together a senior at a time.

Many students will go off to college, some will get a job and start working right away, while others choose to serve the country through the military.

Everyone has a different path to walk, however, many students have graduated from high school long before this current graduating class of seniors, so some helpful advice is always something to listen to.

I asked the following question on my news personality Facebook page, “If you could give area graduating seniors any advice for life, what would it be?”

Below are some of the answers that I received from members of the community.

Connie Pelletier: “Your past is NOT your future. Don’t use your past as an excuse. Every day is a new beginning and a new chance to do what is best for you.”

Susan White: “Go to college, dont be afraid to change your major. Enjoy the opportunity to get an education and the experiences that go with it.”

Jeremy Barnes: “Be open-minded, not everyone thinks the same as you or at the same pace. The world is huge, go explore it and understand it before making the dedicated commits, and make sure you’re ready for it.”

Charlie Hudson: “Accept that want you think your plan is now will change due to unforeseen circumstances and that is not bad. Don’t give up just re-calibrate and overcome.”

Michelle Browning-Davis: “Never settle! Don’t take ‘what is good enough’ you keep fighting until you get exactly what you want and deserve.”

Alicia McCormick: “Protect your credit! It may not seem like a big deal at the moment, but pivotal moments of your life will be based on your credit score. Make wise decisions, don’t get in over your head, always think ahead, and plan plan plan.”

Tina Steel Mckee: “If you want anything in this life you have to work for it. Nothing gets handed to you. Work hard and achieve the things that are important to you.”

Linda Queen: “Don’t rush through life. Enjoy every season-student, worker, perhaps spouse and parent. Don’t wish your life away.”

Carisa Edwards: “No matter how ridiculous the advice an adult gives you sounds, please write it down and think about it before you act.”

Kim Johnson White: “Be cautious of what you post on social media.”

Billie Shepherd: “Pray for Gods will in your life and all you do that He will guide and protect you and teach you how to live for Him. To give you knowledge and wisdom for the life you will live. Pray before you get out of bed that God will give you opportunities to store up treasures in Heaven (people).”

A special thanks goes out to all those readers who responded to my question and gave advice.

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