Note: This column appears in the Wednesday, May 29 newspaper on Page A3.

It’s that time of year again when high school seniors say “farewell” to the structure they have come to know to embark on a new adventure in their young lives.

Jackson, Oak Hill, Vinton County and Wellston high school seniors have now all walked across the stage to each receive their high school diplomas thus closing one chapter in their lives to begin another.

Oak Hill and Vinton County seniors graduated on Friday, May 17, while Jackson and Wellston seniors graduated the following Friday on May 24.

Many students will go off to college, some will get a job and start working right away, while others choose to serve our great country through the military.

Everyone has a different path to walk, however, many students have graduated from high school long before this current graduating class of seniors, so some helpful advice is always something to listen to.

I asked the following question on my news personality Facebook page, “If you could give area graduating seniors any advice for life, what would it be?”

Below are some of the answers that I received from members of the community.

Kim Milliken: “ALWAYS follow that inner voice, that gut feeling; its never wrong. You will go far and stay above the fray if you let it guide you.”

Haley Frazier: “No matter the challenges you face, you can and will achieve your goal no matter what it takes.”

Karen Wyant: “Dress for success — first impression can be your last impression. I was hired for a job because I sent a picture with my resume!”

David Coyan: “Don’t be afraid of a trade school. Not everyone is a Rhodes Scholar or a future lawyer/teacher/doctor. The world needs skilled workers as much as it needs those other professions.”

Lori Silcott-Ousley: “Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. There is much to learn outside of SE Ohio! Experience new things. Be open to differences and most importantly be kind in all your dealings.”

Robin Downey: “Take your time cherish each moment, never get to busy for God and smile everyday! The days drag on but the years fly by... Never ever forget where you came from.”

Paula Stewart: “Always be early. Early to college classes, early to work, and early to appointments. If you arrive on time, you are late!”

Nicole McDonald: “You have your whole life to figure out who you are and what you want to be. Take chances. Try new things. Learn something new. And most of all don’t get into trouble.”

A special thanks goes out to all those readers who responded to my question and gave advice.

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