I am now beginning my third week of lectures here in Hernnhut, Germany. In the first two weeks we covered the basics — what is prayer, what are the different types of prayer and why do we pray? As we answered these questions, God began to stir my heart. I realized the importance of recognizing that I do not know how to pray and asking God how to pray.

When my group submitted our hearts and thoughts to God and then asked him what he wanted us to pray for, he spoke to us very clearly. He gave some of us pictures, some of us scriptures, some of us phrases and others names. It was awesome to see God speaking to us. When we seek God for what is on his heart he will show us. After he spoke to us, we began to ask him how we should pray regarding what he gave us. The prayer session lasted about two hours. It was beautiful to see God’s heart and take action, knowing that our prayers change the course of the future.

Our first three weeks have been filled with prayer sessions, learning the importance of prayer and how it does change the world. The guest speaker from week one said, “It is the prayers of intercessors that change the course of the future.”

As an intercessor, we are standing in the gap for someone and lifting them up to God in prayer, according to how he leads us to pray for the situation. It is different than praying for what we would think is the best for someone. We do not always have the knowledge to see what is best for someone, that is why we ask God how to pray. He knows and he will direct us in our prayers.


In addition to classes, I will be going with a team of five to the Czech Republic for a two-week outreach. We will be there for the last two full weeks of May. We have been seeking God as to where he would like us to go to do ministry, what type of ministry we should do, and what to prepare for. As of now, God told us to go to Prague for three days and also to do ministry along the northern border. It is a journey of faith and obedience — going in faith to where God directs us and obeying his guidance. I am excited to see what happens and who we meet.

Future Opportunities:

The Olympics — As you all are aware, the summer Olympics are in London this year. It is a beautiful event where all the world comes together for several weeks. At the same time, Youth With a Mission takes this opportunity to do ministry to the nations. Hundreds of bases from all over the world send teams to the Olympics to reach out to the athletes and their families, the vendors, the townspeople and the crowd of people.

How does this effect me? The team going out from the base here in Herrnhut leaves the day after my school ends. I have the opportunity to go to the Olympics in London for three weeks with them as part of their team.

India — I have exciting news to share with you next time regarding a possible staffing position in Delhi. Stay tuned to hear more!

I thank you for all of your prayers and support. I am excited to see how God will unfold the opportunities he has given me. I look forward to sharing with you what happens next. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or would like to here a more information about what is going on.

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