Editor, The Courier:

I am writing to ask for some of your time. As many of you know, Victory Grange apple butter is getting harder and harder to get at the Jackson Apple Festival. This is due to not having enough people to lend a hand with making the butter. It is coming to the point that this draw to the festival may not happen to due to lack of interest.

Everyone seems to want the butter, but complain when it is not available. This may be solved by folks willing to volunteer a few hours this fall to keep this tradition alive.

Victory Grange makes attempts to keep the price low so it is more available to more people. The grange uses any profits to support weekend backpack food programs in our school systems and several 4-H projects. This is a religiously-based program that celebrates agriculture and environmental aspects.

Anyone that may wish to volunteer or possibly become members is greatly appreciated. Apple butter is made prior to and during the festival. Interested persons may call me at 740-286-3099 so I may be able to give directions and times help is needed.

To lose the tradition of making apple butter on the streets of Jackson would truly be a shame.

Volunteers will be needed Aug. 24 and 25 at the grange hall on Pattonsville Road and each day of the festival.

Thank you,

Rick Neal

Jackson County

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