VCMS stock contest winners

The winners of a stock portfolio contest held for seventh and eighth grade students at Vinton County Middle School. Pictured from left to right: 1st place Nevaeh Newton, 3rd place Zach Ramsey, and 2nd place Tyler Dennis.

To the Editor,

Recently students in the seventh and eighth grade at Vinton County Middle School competed in a six month stock market contest. They started with $10,000 in virtual money and bought/sold real stocks at real prices through the website

Along the way, they learned how the stock market works, key vocabulary terms involved, reading and interpreting charts/graphs/stock quotes, and how current news and events can effect stock prices.

The top three at the the end of the contest were as follows:

  • 1st — Nevaeh Newton — $100 winner — Final portfolio value: $27,744.55 (this is an all-time record in the 12 years we have been doing the contest!) Her favorite stocks were GameStop and Disney. She bought Disney right before Christmas because she knew kids would be wanting their toys, and GameStop because she saw how fast it was rising and wanted involved.
  • 2nd — Tyler Dennis — $50 winner — Final portfolio value: $17,754.67 His investment strategy was buy stocks in the medical field related to COVID-19.
  • 3rd — Zach Ramsey — $25 winner — Final portfolio value: $14,154.23 Zach recommends to buy low and sell high, and commented that Google was giving him steady gains throughout the contest.


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