Editor, The Courier:

Small hometown air shows are dwindling across the country. The Vinton County Pilots and Boosters are proud to be one of the few air shows left in Ohio. There are all new FAA requirements for air shows this year, and it has been a challenge for the Boosters to put this year’s show together. With all the new requirements, we need some help from the community on Air Show day.

We are asking for volunteers to help with security and parking for this year’s show. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Paul Wittkopf at 614-203-7354 or Nick Rupert at 740-357-0268. We need your help to keep our hometown Air Show going!

The Vinton County Air Show is slated for Sept. 22.

Paul Wittkopf, VPBA President

Nick Rupert, Air Show Coordinator

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