Note: This column appears in the Wednesday, Oct. 9 newspaper on Page A3.

Don’t forget the Scioto School Alumni Reunion on Saturday at noon at 1384 Cove Road.

Happy retirement to Jeanne Gillum after forty years in the newspaper business. She is still selling real estate.

Happy retirement to Eddie Shearer, who retired from Frontier after 40 years.

Jane Ferris is new great grandma to Briella Rose. She weighed eight pounds and two ounces.

I enjoyed visiting with Ercil Brady Adkins, who worked at Ralston Purina when I was Personnel Secretary there in the late ‘60s.

Martha Deck is now at NHC Healthcare 3039 Okatie Highway Okatie, South Carolina 29909 in Room 327. She would love a card or letter from her friends.

Jackie Wyatt was telling me her new children’s book “Timothy, The Wishing Rabbit” should be available through Amazon.

Buildings painted across from the courthouse are looking good. The one by VFW is really pretty.

Pam Wyant is fighting cancer — remember her in prayer.

A young boy from Wellston with cancer had a bone marrow transplant from his brother. Both are doing well, and he will have a PET scan end of October to see if his cancer is all gone.

Brice Jayjohn, son of Krista Jayjohn, had a good report that radiation is bringing his numbers down. He had thyroid cancer. Keep both Shane and Brice in your prayers.

I read on Facebook that Joshua Lee Crow, of JHS Class of 2001, has passed away.

I also read that a Celebration of Life for Richard Berry will be Oct. 20 at 2 p.m. at the JHS gymnasium.

Get well wishes to Freda Lowery, Sharon Allen, my great niece Cassidy Oiler, Shirley Davis and Barbara Summers.

I had a man tell me he got a call that a car registered to him had been found with cocaine in it in Mexico. The caller advised him he had to send several thousand dollars in cash by FedEx or UPS to avoid jail. Luckily his banking friend told him it was a scam when he went to get the money. He did give them his banking info and social security number. Never give these out — if you are really in trouble, they won’t ask for cash and they would already have your social security number. If they ask for cash or gift cards, IT IS A SCAM! If you get the “Grandma I need money” call or text, contact your grandchild before sending, especially if they want cash or credit card information. Ask your banker what to do before withdrawing money, and also report this to the sheriff or police department.

Thoughts to ponder — I got pulled over by the police today. Apparently I was his first speeder, because when he got to the car he said, “I’ve been waiting for you all day.” I said, “Well, I got here as fast as I could.” He let me go.

Another thought — You never know there are people who pray for you without your knowledge. Perhaps those prayers saved your life many times. You never know. Stay humble.

Another thought — I walk around my yard with a fake ankle monitor on so my neighbors won’t ask me to watch their kids.

Happy birthday on October 23rd to Harold Howe, Mark Burtrand, Kayla Jo Worsham, Elisa Engressor, Michelle Howell, Lorri Scott, and Kristine Swick, and happy anniversary to Rick and Theresa Streich; on the 24th is Jean Farley, Jane Ferris, Kristian Bonecutter, Lynn Chaffin, Tom McWilliams, Kay Gilliland, Janice Hughes, and Sandra Warrens, and happy anniversary to classmate Ron and Patty Manring. On October 25th is Trevor Thompson, Gary Barrett, Mason Landrum, Cory Edmunds, Raye Riley, Todd Farrar,

Cynthia Ward, and Jon McCabe, and happy 56th anniversary to Curt and Judy Wiggins, Robin and Paul Blair (21), Alan and Jeanine Terry 33; on Oct. 26 is Scott Kight, Rhonda Moore, Jim Denney, Tyler T. Walton, Steve Phipps, Deborah Adkins, Mateus Jennings, Robert Lemley (17), Melissa Staker, Joe Wilson, Bill Speakman (48), and Adrianna Kearns, and happy 34th anniversary to Pat and Trudi McDonald and happy 62nd to Orville and Donna Wyant; on Oct. 27 is Pam Miller, Ron Clark, Ancil Cross II, Rebecca Collins, Seth Michael Taylor, David Tomblin, Judy Jones, and Francis Newman 86; on Oct. 28 is Helen Brohard, Jeff Isreal, Nicole Sheets, Mark Morris, Chris Burnette, Raymond Perry, and Phyllis Conley, and happy anniversary to Bill and Sheri Pfeifer.

Thanks for being a reader. Call me with your news at 740-286-5014, e-mail, or stop by the Maytag Store at 259 E. Main St. in Jackson.

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