Note: This column appears in the Wednesday, July 31 newspaper on Page A3.

Love is in the air — my neighbor Frankie Belt and Stella Lemley got engaged over the weekend! They are getting married at Hammertown Lake on Sept. 7.

I went to Layne Roseberry’s baby shower. She thought she was opening gifts when Austin Wheatley got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Happy retirement to my friend Karen Perko! Enjoy your retirement.

Get well wishes to Ernie Sickles, Jim Smith, and Floyd Rose, who had hospital stays. Wayne Williams (from Jackson) had triple by-pass heart surgery and is at Four Winds recuperating. He would enjoy visits from his friends.

Owl Stiltner is having a heart cath this week. My mom decided to have a biopsy. Keep both in your prayers.

We lost Bloomfield kids Morgan Reese, Class of 1958, and Alva Menshouse, Class of 1944.

Ground was broken for the new Vinton County Bank on McCartney Lane.

Heard a rumor that a game room might be going in Jackson.

I talked to Marilyn Exline and she said her antique business will be closing soon.

There is digging going on at Manpower Park.

I saw a video of the McArthur “bear” on Facebook. Remember not to get too close if you see him and keep your food in a tight container or he may take up residence at your home.

I saw a story on Facebook about an elderly lady walking her dog and a young man runs up and takes her purse. People started to chase the young man down and the woman told them to stop. She said it was just an old purse she carries when walking the dog to clean up after him!

I heard a similar story many years ago, about some women from Jackson being on their way to shop at Lazarus, and they ran over a cat. One lady was returning shoes so they stopped and put the cat in a shoe box thinking they would leave it in a trash can. They got out of the car and started toward the store when a young man ran up and grabbed the shoe box and ran away!

Thoughts to ponder — two tools in life you should have on hand are WD40 and duct tape. If it doesn’t move and should, use WD40. If it moves and shouldn’t, use duct tape!

Birthdays are good for your health. Studies show people who have birthdays live longer!

Another thought — A mother is a shooting star who passes through your life, only once. Love her because when her light goes out, you will never see her again.

Happy birthday on Aug. 15 to Virginia Fountain and to Arnold Fountain on Aug. 22. They will be married 26 years on Aug. 21!

Happy birthday on Aug. 23 to Eric Trago, Jeff Jayjohn Sr., classmates Sid Grant and Evelyn Roof Emmert, Chrissy Clary, Paulette Richrds, Tiffany Waulk, Barry Souders, and Mason and Bentley Davis; on Aug. 24 is Kathy Nino, Tressie Evans, Steve Wilson, Keith Woolum, and classmate Peggy Richards Rose, and happy 23rd anniversary to step-daughter Mary Jo and Gary Barrett; on Aug. 25 is nephew Lake Allen (25), Roy Jeffries, Barry Davis, Stephen Rayburn (19), Harmon “Bubby” Barry (16) and Sandy Mullins, and Happy 9th anniversary to Marvin and Ruby Payne; on Aug. 26 is Lee Friley, Shyla Michael, Sharon Maines, Stephen Henry (25), Roy Whaley III (50), Whitney Mae Davis (19), Jane Jones, Harold Meade, Tom Kepfer, Donna Lanhart, John Morris, Jo Ann Rose, Sue Fults, Tom McNerlin, and Emily Adkins; on Aug. 27 is Mike Chenault, Amanda Eisnaugle, Jillian Smith, Marilyn Dill, and Cheryl Yinger; on Aug. 28 is Christy Davis, classmate Debbie Sheets Winters, Tim Jenkins, Joan Greathouse, Bill Kimbel, Andrea Asbury, and John Conn, and happy 39th anniversary to Sherman and Marsha Baisden, my sister Eva and Roger Spears (25), Samantha and Tim Leach (15), and Will and Angela Kanouse (11).

Thanks for being a reader. Call me with your news at 740-286-5014, e-mail, or stop by the Maytag Store at 259 E. Main St. in Jackson.

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