Karen Wyant

Karen Wyant

Get well wishes to my long-time friend, Bob Teichman, recovering from knee surgery.

Former Jackson resident Jim Aldrich needs prayers. Sharon Allen still needs prayers that her cancer will go away.

Terry Hicks is in need of prayers.

Vicki Storms was supposed to have spinal fusion surgery yesterday. Remember her in prayer.

Karen Markham, out to Liberty Store, is at Oakwood Community Center (former Heartland) for rehab following surgery. Send her a card of cheer to 8668 Route 93 Jackson.

My mom’s oldest sister, Fredelene Wagoner, passed away at the age of 91. She was a Bloomfield kid.

When I was at her viewing, I met Mike Williams, owner of R.W. Williams Funeral Home. Mike and I have Jackson and Vinton County, Ohio obituaries on Facebook. Out of town folks like it because they can keep up with deceased friends and family.

Dr. Rick Billman has added The Dry Eye Center to his practice.

Sometimes I think my computer spies on me. There will be a flash of light like a camera. Today I wrote someone a note that I have had congested lungs and a cough for two weeks. Phone started ringing-it was the Health Council!

Been hearing a lot of people say they are upset that the trees are gone. One little boy wanted to know where the beautiful trees went.

Bob Rice will be 90 on March 13, and great-grandson, Quincy Foster, will be 6. Happy birthday to both you guys!

Thoughts to ponder — One thing I love about God is that He will bring you out of situations you got yourself into, and won’t hold it against you.

Another thought — Old age comes at a bad time. You finally know everything just in time to forget it!

Another thought — I’m at a place in my life where errands are starting to count as “going” out!

Happy birthday on March 13 to Audrey Burris, John and Don Curtis, Sandi Jenkins, Jim Callahan, and my good friend Joyce Martin is 96; on March 14 is Erin Hopkins, Hazel Reed, John Morris, Lynn Brisker, Mariah Sirback, Bobby Massie II, Teresa Miller, and John Grow, and happy 12th anniversary to Greg and Lisa Linton; on March 15 is Bud Staten, Dolores Eisnaugle, Benji Whaley, Turley Cooper II, Rodney Smith, and Braylon Grant Tilley is 8, and happy anniversary to Jim and Kim Milliken, Bud and Rosie Staten, and Jeff and Elaine Bartley; on March 16 is Diane Jackson, Alisha Bishop, niece Allison Jeffers, Jim Fisher, Dianne Kisor, Rosemary Blair, Patty Downey, Marsha Baisden, David Johnson, Jeff Gordon, classmate Gail Hambrick Steele, David Gillum, and Brant Derrow, and happy anniversary to Dan and Suzy Phipps; on March 17 is Sue Henry, Pat Tackett, Gary Sexton, Will Sexton, Larry Henry, Shelby Nicole Jones, Griffin Brown, Carolyn Gregory, Sam Browning, Jimmy “Peanut Butter” McKenzie, and Iva Williamson, and happy anniversary to Shawn and Megan Richendollar and to Tom and Lori Kipfer; on March 18 is Rick Crabtree, Leah Massie, Erica Byler, Macy Tripp, Janet Edwards, classmate Karen Peoples Kinney, Erv Cherrington, Ethan Perry, and Crystal Finch; on March 19 is Bob Straten, Joan Waugh, Jaymon Tipton, Debbie Snyder, and Deborah Thacker, and happy 71st anniversary to Pete and Hester Cosby.

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