Note: This column appears in the Wednesday, April 10 newspaper on Page A3.

Love is in the air: Congrats to Jared and Jamie Carter who were wed over the weekend and to Twila Bentley and Robert Ervin who were also married over the weekend!

Sandy Scott and David Blosser got engaged over the weekend!

Jack and Marcie Shelton will be married 50 years the 18th!

Congrats to Linda Forrest of McArthur, who won $9,600 on Cash Explosion on Saturday night!

Get well wishes to Tom Hill, Sonny Harless, and Tracy Jones. All have had recent hospital stays.

Cheryl Yinger has a new granddaughter, Averie. She weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and is 20 inches long.

I got a new great-great niece, Cora Lynn Adkins. My brother Terry and Linda Farley are the great-grand-parents. She weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces.

Brenda Webb had surgery at Cleveland Clinic and needs prayers.

Prayers for Larry Boggs who had his second hip replacement.

Prayers for Gerald Nelson who suffered a brain aneurysm and is in Riverside Hospital.

Classmate Larry Donahoe is recuperating at Four Winds. Send him a card to 215 Seth Ave., Jackson.

I was saddened to learn of the death of classmate John Wright. He had a heart of gold and always had a big smile even tho he was in a lot of back pain. Goodbye, ole scout — gonna miss your smiling face and visits. Sympathy to Billie and the grandkids. He dearly loved his family.

Classmate Mike Alexander told me he was looking at a 1966 WHS Football Team picture and there is 13 deceased in the picture!

Last Saturday at the Markay, David Sager gave a presentation on Isham Jones and his orchestra whom were well known in the Jazz world. Isham Jones was from Coalton. But hold on, Myrt! We have another rising star in the jazz world from Coalton School, Dinah Lee Dixon Lipskin, who is a traditional Jazz vocalist! She, and husband Mike Lipskin, a stride Jazz pianist, perform compositions from the great pop era that Isham Jones flourished in! They appear in San Francisco, and New York, and other venues spreading their unique 1930’s and 40’s sounds. They always tell the audience about Isham Jones being from our area. The Lipskins live in Kingman, Arizona, where Dinah is a former deputy medical examiner.

Jackson County Spring Clean-Up is April 22-26. All mattresses, couches, chairs, etc., must be wrapped in plastic!

Rumor has it Raising Cane's is opening in Chillicothe the 15th!

I had a call from a lady who asked me to warn others about a phone call scam she had from Publishers Clearing House telling her she won a million dollars. Asked her if she lived alone, who lived with her, did she drive — kept it a secret from everyone that she won! Then they asked where she banked, wanted checking information and then she realized she had been had when they told her she was to cash it and send some back to them for fees! She told him it was a scam, and he hung up on her! She said her daughter’s checking had been emptied twice by scammers! I read on Facebook a man was in Hamden pretending to be from the utility company!

Downtown Jackson trees are in bloom. They need trimmed badly! Can’t see our signs and the roots are raising the bricks! When they were purchased in the ‘80’s, they were supposed to be dwarf trees.

Thoughts to ponder: You cannot raise your children as your parents raised you. That world no longer exists!

Another thought: Having kids is like having little broke best friends that think you are rich!

Another thought: The most painful tears are not the ones that fall from your eyes and cover your face. They are the ones that fall from your heart and cover your soul. This makes me think of all the loved ones who have someone on drugs.

Happy birthday on April 27 to Cheyenne Potter, John Beatty Jr., Sue Turck, Courtney Crabtree, Jeannette Nutter, Samantha Gurney, Jack Richards, Barbara Moore, Deacon Farrar, and Bill Lindeboom; on the 28th is David Phillips, Wayne Snyder, Tara Beatty, Ed Potts, Jane Hughes, classmates Dave Emmert and Ray Bierhup, Joshua McCarter III, Arthur Channell, Misti Fout, and Jim Lovett is 80! On the 29th is Benjamin Rice-Hawkins (23), Tony Perry, Angel Allen, Anita Hendricks, Walt Lewis, Tom Woltz Sr., Cherry Shields, Bob Reed, Arnold Coffey, and Tad Lockard; on the 30th is grandson Michael Wyant (26), Robin Eby, Susan Wills, Michael P. Lambert, Brittany Fann (24), and Janet Marsh, and happy 25th anniversary to Art and Laura Baker and happy 8th anniversary to Teddy and Erin Nichols; on May 1 is Robin Blair, Bill Carper, Willie Russell, Art Lewis, Waylon Tilley, Connie Folden, Randy Evans, and Sherie Litteral, and happy anniversary to Danny and Deborah Smith; on the 2nd is Megan Paugh, Wally Johnson, Megan Bartram, Ron Wolford, Jenny Bush, Jim Hughes, Bill Woodard, Kathy Stevenson, Patty Exline, Jami Oberholzer, Brylee Tripp, Rob Hopkins, Sharon Bush Josh Currier, and Cathy Merritt; on the 3rd is Jessica Thompson, niece Stephanie Gambill, John Colley Sr., Mikaiaia Payne, great niece Brooke Johnson (14), David Haynes, Nancy Baisden, Tami Law, and Beverly Ondera.

Thanks for being a reader. Call me with your news at 740-286-5014, e-mail, or stop by the Maytag Store at 259 E. Main St. in Jackson.

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