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We had a wonderful time at our WHS Class of 1967 70’s birthday party. Twenty-seven classmates and and 19 guests were in attendance. LaRosa’s (Diana Fenwick) did a wonderful catering and her daughter made us a birthday cake. Due to our age, one classmate at 9 p.m. asked me, “It’s 9 p.m. What do we do now?”

The next weekend was the Bloomfield reunion and I believe we had close to 60 in attendance. There were six in the 50-year class: Mona Zinn Arbaugh, Susie Richards Hodge, Mary Adams Claar, Sherry Adams Channel, Mark Carlisle, Alan Scurlock. Our meal was catered by Jonda Dunn and it was delicious.

Former Jackson resident, Rilla Barton Hunt passed away on June 5 in Fountain Run Kentucky. She and her late husband, Louis, owned Hunt’s Trailer Park in Jackson for 25 years.

Cindy Jenkins Hughes wants to remind the JHS Class of 1967 that the Girlfriends/Boyfriends will meet for lunch at Cardo’s on the Saturday of the Apple Festival (Sept. 21) from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Moose Gallagher is still in hospital but doing much better. John Fugett is out of hospital but still needing prayers.

Tiny Strickland had a hospital stay and needs prayers.

I got an appointment with a dermatologist at Adena and it is in November —the first new patient date available!

I bought a cup of coffee at McDonald’s in Chillicothe, and they charged $1.40!

Baby Cakes and Heart at Home is moving in the Ironman Center at Oak Hill where Hair Hut (they will be across the hall from Hair Hut) and Mi Mexico and Adena are located. They will have a gift shop and take orders for their goodies.

Happy retirement to Gary Crabtree who retired from Ohio Valley Banks on Friday. He will be coming out of retirement soon to be city auditor for the City of Wellston!

Wednesday night in Oak Hill I was getting out of my car and I have trouble getting out. Two young guys on bicycles, stopped and asked me if I needed help. I was very impressed with them and wish I knew their parents to thank them for raising true gentlemen.

I now have been referred to a third doctor for my neck and back. I have had therapy — seven failed procedures — and another kind of treatment, and none have worked.

I was talking to a woman at the beauty shop recently, and she said she had three things on her “Bucket List.” One was to go on a trip (she and her sister took a plane trip), second is to retire (that will be next year) and third is be on Wheel of Fortune. She said she has had two interviews and is hoping to be on a Disney Wheel of Fortune in the fall!

Star Wars Living Set will feature the artwork of our own Kris Penix. He is one of the 300-400 who work for Topps selected to do this work. He is the son of Ted Penix and Pam Morgan.

Caboose down to Salt Lick Village in Jackson getting a new coat of paint.

Jackson Health Department will offer free lunch on the patio at Rowdy’s from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily.

Thoughts to ponder — kids are like boats. They go in the right direction if paddled from the rear!

This thought came from the page of someone who recently committed suicide — I have a hard time asking for help. So if I told you I needed you, I really did, and if you weren’t there, I probably won’t ask again. This thought breaks my heart.

Another thought — There is a strange voice in my head saying “vacuum the floor, and clean the house.” Luckily my mom told me not to listen to strangers!

Happy birthday on June 29 to Jeff Chenault, Vivian Bevins, Sherry Spangler, Lee Koonce, D.J. Stephenson, Jane Colley, Kevin Humphreys, Judy Gordan, Carol Swank, Grace Willimson, and Amanda Auxier; on the 30th is Stephen Robbin, Steve Wildman, Linda Smith, Rody Price, Brad Kearns, Rhonda Russell, and Sherry Aldrich, and happy 30th anniversary to Larry and Joan Waugh and happy 24th to David and Angie Dunn; on July 1 is Bill Kaufmann, Sally Penix, Clara Tudor, Ed Scott, Diana Robbin, Diane Wildman, Charlie Milliken, Phyllis Cribben, Steve Williams, Liz McDaniel, Sharon Stamper, and Jeremy Ridgeway, and on July 1st happy 19th anniversary to John and Melody Clark, Jonita and Rex Osborne, Sandy and Alvie Pelfrey, Dan and Kit Dailey, and Bob and Susan Hill; on the 2nd is classmate Tom Ervin, Barb Evans, James Howling, Peg Turner, Tim Muffley, Melanie Burt, Dusti Pugh, Matt Barger, and Cody Graham, and happy 52nd anniversary to classmate Jean (Vititoe) and Gary Dixon, Kelli and Brad Wilson (6), Cathy and Bobby Shelton, and Warner and Lib Hildebrandt (60); on the 3rd is Craig Stevens, Chris Keeton, classmates Lynn Souders and Betty Deck Hagerty, Angel Delay, Dave Howard, Ann Green, and Becky Blystone, and happy 33rd anniversary to Mike and Rebecca Davis; on the 4th is Darrell Dean Nichels Jr., Aiden Logan, June Evans, Loretta Jones, Joe Fresquez, Gary Alan Strickland, Linda Hoover, and Barry Graham, and happy anniversary to John and Tina Leonard, Melissa and J.D. Fugett (19), Angie and Luke Downard, Brin and Christine Haley (16), Terry and Linda Farley (49), Betty and Delver Richards (65), Julian and Tina Louvet, and Brian and Etta Wallace; on the 5th is Stan Lewis, Bob Shelton, Mary Ann Sirback, Donna Steele, Jim Clarkson, Carol Sears, Eric McGhee, and Larry Baker Jr.

Thanks for being a reader. Call me with your news at 740-286-5014, e-mail, or stop by the Maytag Store at 259 E. Main St. in Jackson.

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