Note: This column appears in the Wednesday, Feb. 20 newspaper on Page A2.

Kelly Wiley bought the singer sewing machine building and is remodeling it. Lookin’ good, Kelly!

Word has been received here of the death of 1974 JHS grad, Brad Boroff.

Erik Miller has been teaching the Art of Drumming to Ohio University students.

Remember to say a prayer for Karen Callahan on Friday when she has eye surgery from the stroke she had recently.

Get well to Eddie Arthur who broke some ribs when he wrecked his four wheeler.

There is a new kid in town — Austin Ray Shotts, son of Lindsey and David, and brother to Evan. Austin weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces, and was 20.5 inches long.

1971 WHS grad Sam Ford, had heart surgery a couple weeks ago on Tuesday and a pacemaker the following Saturday. He has a long road to recovery. Send him a card of cheer to Sam H. Ford, 0775 N. State Road 23, Knox, Indiana 46534. Remember him in your prayers.

Classmate Larry Donahoe continues to have health issues and had another hospital stay. In fact, he spent his 70th birthday in the hospital!

Classmate Larry and Kathy Boyd have a new granddaughter Sophia Lynn, who weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces, and was 20.5 inches long, just like Austin! She has a sister named Sydney.

I was saddened to learn of the death of Pastor David Rahamat, who passed away in Kenya, Africa, while on a mission trip. He was my brother Eddie and wife Sherry Perry minister for seventeen years at End Time Harvest Church, close to where Bloomfield School used to be. He was so good to my family when my sister Connie lost her husband.

Telemarketers are busy right now calling and telling people they owe the IRS. I got one wanting $95 to impeach the President! If they ask you to send a gift card, they are not legitimate.

I had two strange experiences in one day: I was sitting here looking at the rain and I thought, “I wish it wasn’t raining so I could go to the VFW and get a cup of coffee.” Looked up and one of the guys from the VFW came in with a cup of coffee for me! Same day, I was looking at the rain, and silently singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and one of my delivery guys in the back room start singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow!”

Thoughts to ponder: One day we will die, but every other day we will live!

To you, they may be a hopeless drug addict, but they are someone’s son, daughter, grandchild, niece or nephew. Don’t judge, pray! I have a list I pray for daily.

Happy birthday on March 5 to Nicholas Spangler, Rand Pfeifer, Alexa Allen, Edie Ridgeway, Terry Gahm, Boston Kuhn, Isaac Kuhn, Michelle Massie, Jayla Downard (10), and Alice Beatty (80); on the 6th is Les Ramey, Adam Waugh, Hunter Cardiff, Linda Bixler, Brenda Walsh, and classmate Donna Holzapfel Wojdacz, and happy anniversary to Bob and Vivian Bevins and to Pat and Cathy Eisnaugle; on the 7th is Terri Mercer, Verda Fugett, Jack Kidd, Gina Luster, Kay Exline, Meagyn Davis, and Tammy Simmonds; on the 8th is Amy Wyant, Joyce Jarrell, Angela Ousley, Pandora Roseberry (21), Steve Walker, Mary Louise Hughes, John Lee, and Geraldine Keaton; on the 9th is Bob Mayhew, Mikie Perry, Juanita Smith, Todd Riegel, Helen Tripp, Brandi Yerian, Erin Stiffler, and Maddox Morris (6), and happy 30th anniversary to John and KK Curtis and to Roy and Stacy Scholl; on the 10th is Laura Napper, Denton Bowman, classmate Deanna Drummond Wyatt, Heidi Vititoe, Darlene Ford, and Linda Dalton, and happy 34th anniversary to Larry and Sandy Blessing; on the 11th is Dan Morrow, Pamela Brown, Amanda Slagle, Susie Hatten, Flora Wilson, John Martindill (94), Ruth Hughes, Wendi Keifer, Terry Speakman, Allison Burton, and Pat Jacobs, and happy 12th anniversary to Sidney and Amy Blake.

Thanks for being a reader. Call me with your news at 740-286-5014, e-mail, or stop by the Maytag Store at 259 E. Main St. in Jackson.

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