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Mark your calendar for the 96th Bloomfield Alumni Reunion on Saturday, June 1 at Vega Church at 2243 Vega Road, Thurman. Social hour is 4:30-5:30 p.m., with a catered bake steak dinner at 5:30 p.m. Cost is $15 per person for dinner, and $5 school membership dues. Reservations are needed to order dinners by May 20. There will be entertainment. Call President Mona Zinn Arbaugh at 740-286-0959, Pat McCarty Pletcher at 740-286-8311, Karen Farley Wyant at 740-286-5014, or Janice Davis at 740-418-4095, or mail to Janice at 62 Broad St., Jackson.

We lost Bloomfield kid Raymond “Pete” Scarberry, class of 1969.

Hey, Myrt! We’ve got another new store opening on Broadway Street in Jackson. It is The Sweetery, a donut and sweet shop. They will have a variety of Cake Donut Creations.

I’ve been hearing good things about Katy’s Kitchen across from OSCO in Jackson on Athens Street. Sela Fannin has been having donuts, cinnamon rolls, yummy pies, shakes, chicken salad, and zucchini fries, to name a few.

Two houses across from Jackson Implement have sold. At one time that side of the street was called Skid Row, and the corner by RSVP was called Spit Corner. I used to have other names but can’t remember them! Jackson was called Poplar Row before being named Jackson.

Mark Wood, local magician and entertainer, has been doing his magic tricks since he was very young. He has performed in 77 of the 88 counties in Ohio. He would like to get a show in Preble, Miami, Champaign, Defiance, Lucas, Henry, Ottawa, Erie, Lake or Jefferson County, so if you know someone needing entertainment for a birthday party, etc., call him at 740-286-6407. He is wonderful!

A note from Sandy Atherton Jones’ daughter on Facebook tells us she passed away in January due to cancer. She went to school in Wellston.

My good buddy Jack Shelton got his third hole-in-one!

Congrats to Melissa Morgan Boggs out to Christian Life Academy. She passed the Ohio Special Education test. She still has the Foundation for Reading Test to take, and then she can apply for her Special Education license.

The 7th and 8th grade class at Christian Life Academy enjoyed a trip to New York City.

My brother Bobby and wife Margie Wiles rented a cabin in Pigeon Forge Easter weekend and my son Steve, grandson Stephen and I went down and spent the weekend with them. On the way we stopped for breakfast at a Cracker Barrel. The manager asked a young girl to take our plates. They were too heavy for her, and she dropped them, and I got food on me! While the manager was getting me napkins, the woman at the next table dropped her knife and it hit me in the leg! The GPS kept sending us in circles on the way to Pigeon Forge, and after three times, Steve said he was going to go thru the high water. First high water was fine, but ‘round the curve, a car was in water to the windows, and we had to turn around on that little two lane road with water on three sides! Got to Pigeon Forge, and we almost hit a car — I bet you couldn’t put your hand between them! The next day, I waited in the car while Bobby and Margie went in a store. I got hot, so I opened the door and the burglar alarm went off and I couldn’t get it to stop!

We had dinner on Saturday night at Blake Shelton’s new restaurant, Ole Red. He has an old Farmall Tractor hanging upside down from the ceiling! Food was in large portions and very good, and the prices were low! Good entertainment, also. Even with the mishaps, it was still a wonderful trip.

On the way home, I called grandson Michael to say Happy Easter. He was on a hiking trip to Colorado with two other boys, and had woken up that morning very ill. He told me he thought he was dying and I told him to call the squad. He got out of bed and collapsed on the floor. He called a cab to take him to ER where he was diagnosed with the flu. Meantime, his friends had a flat on the vehicle they rented, and the spare tire was locked up, so they had to wait for the rental place to bring them another vehicle. After some fluids and a nausea pill, he was able to take a cab back to the hotel.

Kyle Jenkins had a hospital stay. Vicki Perry had a hospital stay. Keep them in your prayers.

Amanda Lewis is having gall bladder surgery on May 3.

Gay Gilliland is having very serious surgery on May 17 and needs your prayers.

Clarence Sheets and Margaret Shook both had hospital stays.

Leona Newkirk has a broken femur.

Mark your calendar for the Wild Turkey Festival in McArthur on May 2-5, and on May 4 is the 2019 Youth Fishing Tournament from 9-11 a.m. at Lake Hope.

Thoughts to ponder: If your dog doesn’t like someone, perhaps you shouldn’t either!

Thoughts to ponder: maturity is to be able to stick with a job until it is finished; to do one’s duty without being supervised; to be able to carry money without spending it; and to be able to bear an injustice without wanting to get even!

I am not what happened to me. I am what I chose to become.

Happy 19th birthday to The Store in Wellston!

Happy birthday on May 18 to Randy Russell, Dan Spangler, Ranelle Walker, Elizabeth Fout (19), Dana Kilgour, Robin Davis, and Matt Evans; on the 19th is Emily Hollback and happy anniversary to Sam and Kathie Stevenson and to Sid and Linda Smith; on the 20th is Joe Wyant, Harold Wise, Diane McFadden, Mark Thompson (24), Joyce Slater, classmate Bob Ervin, Bob Miller, Cathy Barnes, Mike Tripp, Belinda Pratt, and Jase Wildman (6), and happy anniversary to Kayla and Jason Mullins (13), Mary and Wayne Cassidy (58), Dale and Vida Duhl (41), and John and Susan Lee; on the 21st is Jeri Chapman, Jim Perry, Rhonda Burtrand, Kim Milliken, and Jaelyn Evans (6); on the 22nd is Don Counts, Rhoda Bowling, Mary Ann Allen, Val Call, Jeri Pinson, Mary Taylor, Craig Rader, Jim Frankland, Oscar Goheen (81), Bernie Largent, Emma Figgins (13), and Abram Reynolds (7), and happy anniversary to Clyde and Brenda Holdren, Barb and Gary Evans, Jeff and Mary Ann Gordan, and Dave and Teresa Thompson; on the 23rd is April Spangler, Matthew Evans (21), Jeremy Lowe, Ted Nichting, Brittany Camp, Dan Phipps, Patty Basham, and Irene Craft, and happy 13th anniversary to Randy and Blanch Evans and to George and Sharon Radliff; on the 24th is Bob Addington, Bill Newsom, Rosie McCoy, Kathy Roach, Melvin Nichols, Daniel Holland, and Billie Long, and happy 49th anniversary to Melvin and Jean Nichols and to George and Sharon Ratcliff.

Thanks for being a reader. Call me with your news at 740-286-5014, e-mail, or stop by the Maytag Store at 259 E. Main St. in Jackson.

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