Note: This story appears in the Wednesday, Dec. 18 newspaper on Page A3.

I saw a picture of a black panther that was taken in the rural Jackson-Ross area. Back in the mid 60’s, I lived on #2 Hill in Wellston. I went to the mailbox and there was one down in the field. Around that time and later I heard of sightings close to General Mills.

Get well wishes to Gary Huston who had heart surgery, and Arnold Coffey, who is having some A-fib problems. Remember them in prayer.

Get well wishes to former Wellston grad, Paul Robinette, who is having health problems. He is married to classmate Rhoda Walsh.

Remember Brucie Dixon in your prayers. He is classmate Emelie Dixon Paul’s brother, and he is very ill.

Richard Figlestahler is having serious health problems and needs prayers. Wayne Brown is also having health problems and needs prayer.

Congrats to Jasmyn Wilson on the opening of her new salon, The Mane Attraction, located at 5 S. Ohio Ave. in Wellston.

Congrats to Brett Speakman, who graduated from Rio Grande this week.

Congrats to Brett Derrow, who has completed his peace officer training. He also got the Clyde Beasley award for work ethic and sacrifice.

Word has been received that 1965 JHS grad and Coalton kid, Marvin Jenkins passed away in Taledega, Alabama. A memorial service will be held later.

If you want to see another magnificent Christmas display, go out Beaver Pike, turn right on Limerick and go a mile and a half to David Rayburn’s house. Have your radio on 88.9.

Thoughts to ponder — It doesn’t matter who you used to be. What matters is who you become.

Another thought — Some people’s only mission in life is to make others as miserable as they are.

Another thought — You get what you get and don’t throw a fit.

I don’t need a house cleaner — all I need is for someone to say they are coming over in 20 minutes.

Happy birthday on Dec. 26 to Marvin Payne, Sophie Pearl Engressor, and Joe Vermillion; on the 27th is Jeanie Nichols, Tim Doty, Flora Rhea, Barb Clarkson, Paul Johnson, and Eric Markham, and happy anniversary to Chris and Peggy Brakenbury; on Dec. 28 is Tammie Adams, Greg Muffley, Earl Stacy, Nolan Willis,Amber Haines, Brandi Jayjohn, Sherry Betschel, Tommy Kipfer, Trixie Arnold, Lynn Denny, Edgar Spencer III, and great niece McKenzie Yoder, and happy 17th anniversary to Kerry and atasha Shelton, and happy 53rd anniversary to Tom and Connie Shultz; on Dec. 29 is Tiffany Boggs,Karen Step0hens, Karen Hood, Sharon Curtis, Ron Carter Jr., Jade Isabella Wyant (18), Rick Streich, Chuck Perry, Paul Stevens,and Brenda Hendrick, and happy 42nd anniversary to Ora and Betsy Crabtree, and happy 33rd to Bill and Cindy McManis; on Dec. 30 is George Wastier, J.J. Brown, Wayne Mullins, Michael Wildman Sr., Amy Mapes, Patty Brust, Margie Bryne, and happy 29th anniversary to Bill and Molly Callahan; on Dec. 31 is Summer Allen, Charlie Plummer, Chad Radune, Jason Sheets, Lane Saxour, Connie Merc er, Addyson Wildman (10), and Allison Roseberry, and happy anniversary to Marvin and Vi Ross; on Jan. 1 is Shawn Richendollar, Kaylee Riley, Tina Brandebury, Sue Flaker, Rose Wolfe, April Wolfe, Amy Hobbs, Darrell Radcliffe, Carolyn Curtis and David Channel.; @sydneydawes_95

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