Note: This column appears in the Wednesday, April 24 newspaper on Page A3.

Charm Boutique is in the old Shriver Clinic on Main Street, between the Spot and Terry’s Pawn Shop.

Hey Myrt, good news! Newman Grocery in Wellston will ship you some veals!

Sharon Allen had hummingbirds on Wednesday!

Jim Roach had his 1969 Drag Pack Mustang with 1,406 miles on it — photo and story — in the May Issue of Mustang Monthly. He is restoring it to the original cherry red. It is a one on one and the restoration will take a year.

If you get a check in the mail or delivered to you, it is a scam. Do not deposit it as they will get your account information.

Get well wishes to Tom “Moose” Gallagher who had a hospital stay with cellulitis and a bad infection.

Prayers needed for Chris Landrum. He has had three surgeries since the beginning of April, and is now blind. Please pray for this young man and father of two that doctors can fix the problem with the help of your prayers.

Prayers for a speedy recovery for my friend Gisela O’Connor, wife of classmate Pat O’Connor. She tripped over her cat and suffered a bad break to her arm, close to the shoulder.

Prayers for little Cade Robinson who got a liver transplant. Prayers for him and the donor’s loved ones.

Prayers need for Paul and Libby Wyant. Both having health issues.

Fred Parks is in Riverside Hospital in critical condition and needs your prayers. His daughter, Brenda Webb, is in Cleveland Clinic following lung surgery. Sympathy to the family in the death of Reba Parks who was an avid reader of my column.

Dee Ackley had knee surgery.

Mark Riegel is at Four Winds for rehab after stroke.

Mr. Gatti’s Pizza has moved in the Sears building in Chillicothe.

Thoughts to ponder: you know when you get a bag of lettuce and it gets all brown and soggy? Cookies don’t do that.

Another thought: I may not have lost all my marbles yet, but there is definitely a whole in the bag somewhere!

Another thought: Someone needs to hear this — drugs don’t love you. Go home. Your family is waiting.

Happy birthday on the 11th of May to Jeannette Kiefer, Alice Hill, Pat Pletcher, Andrea Thomas Davis, classmate John Morrow, Phil Arbaugh, and Phyllis Howard; on the 12th is Linda Goheen and Kendra Davis; on the 13th is Dustin Hatfield, Sarah Martin, Fred Bierhup, Craig Waugh, great grandson Cooper Marcum (9), Mary Farleigh, Anita McManus, Cathy Wolford, and Brandon Clarkson, and happy anniversary to Tim and Pat Thompson; on the 14th is Bev Moore, Marc Carman, Kathy Hafer, Beverly McGowan, Carolyn Taylor, and Leota Haas, and happy anniversary to Alex and Erin Poetker (2), John and Beverly Ondera (36), and Michael and Diane Wildman (37); on the 15th is Mike Osborne, Nancy Detty, Kevin Smith, Vicki Dempsey, Peggy Reed, and Alexis Allen, and happy 15th anniversary to Bill and Shandi Wilbur; on the 16th is Jerrod Lovett (23), Courtney Wills, Eloise Mosier, Douglas Thompson, Gracie Kay Howe (14), Jean White, Cher Bellar, Adam Crabtree, Peggy Shumate, and Martha Martin, and happy 11th anniversary to Zac and Sarah Waugh; on the 17th is Jack Thacker, Laura Colley, Don “Beer Can” Harrison, John Timothy Davis, Christy Alexander, Wayne Shoemaker, Paula McCall, and Christy Hill, and happy 45th anniversary to John and Patty Basham.

Thanks for being a reader. Call me with your news at 740-286-5014, e-mail, or stop by the Maytag Store at 259 E. Main St. in Jackson.

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