Exod. 3:11

It is very exciting and inspiring to read about the Bible heroes such as Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Daniel, and David. I also like to read about heroes of our own nation such as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. It is truly amazing to see how God can use one person to become a great leader and change the history of the world.

But did you ever feel tht just one person is not going to make any difference? Or have you thought that God could never use someone like you?

When God chose moses to lead he Hebrew people out of slavery in Egypt, Moses said in Exodus 3:11, “Who am I that I should go into Pharaoh and bring forth the children of Israel to Egypt?”

Moses felt that he was not capable of being a leader because he was not a good speaker and he feared that the Hebrews would not listen to him. But God had chosen Moses and God said in verse 12, “Certainly I will be with thee.”

God was with Moses as he brought the plagues upon Egypt until Pharaoh finally released the people. God even sent Moses’ bother Aaron to do the talking for Moses. God continued to be with Moses as he used Moses to lead the Hebrews through the wilderness wandering for 40 years.

This story of Moses should remind us that God calls individual people into his service, He has also promised to be with us and to hep us accomplish whatever he asks us to do. Has God ever asked you to do something? Have you ever asked God to use you in some way? God can use you.

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