Market Poultry, Show Class 1 — 1st, Heather Kieffer, Forward Thinkers; 2nd, Luci Parsons, Forward Thinkers; 3rd, Nevaeh Hightower, Country Classics; 4th, Nevaeh Hightower, Country Classics; 5th, Luci Parsons, Forward Thinkers

Show Class 2 — 1st, Joshua Clarkson, Totally Awesome Kids; 2nd, Emillee-Anne Ross, Totally Awesome Kids; 3rd, Emillee-Anne Ross, Totally Awesome Kids; 4th, Madison Shepard, Forward Thinkers, 5th, Madison Shepard, Forward Thinkers,

Show Class 3 — 1st, Grant Riegel, Ridge Runners; 2nd, Allena Williams, Animal House; 3rd, Allena Williams, Animal House; 4th, Nevaeh Easley, Irish Hollow Kids; 5th, Harper Euton, Barnyard Rascals

Show Class 4 — 1st, Tia Holbrook, Dream Catchers; 2nd, Izabella Stafford, Country Classics; 3rd, Emma Moon, Jackson County Livestock; 4th, Kaleigh Davis, Ridge Runners; 5th, Madeline Coughenour, Jackson County Livestock

Show Class 5 — 1st, Emma Moon, Jackson County Livestock; 2nd, Olivia Simms, Country Classics; 3rd, Izabella Stafford, Country Classics; 4th, Olivia Simms, Country Classics; 5th, Nevaeh Easley, Irish Hollow Kids

Show Class 6 — 1st, Brenton Moon, Jackson County Livestock; 2nd, Grant Riegel, Ridge Runners; 3rd, Morgan Bridges, Forward Thinkers; 4th, Jordan Causey, Highlanders; 5th, Jordan Causey, Highlanders

Grand Champion Market Poultry — Grant Riegel

Reserve Champion Market Poultry — Allena Williams

3rd-10th Overall — 3rd, Brenton Moon; 4th, Emma Moon; 5th, Olivia Simms; 6th, Allena Williams; 7th, Nevaeh Easley, 8th, Isabella Stafford; 9th, Olivia Simms; 10th, Joshua Clarkson

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