Pictured is a can of the “revamped” adult beverage, BREWSKI. The product can be found across Jackson and Vinton Counties.

JACKSON — Cheers Beverages, a subsidiary of The Double Cola Company, introduced its “revamped” adult beverage, BREWSKI, across Southern Ohio.

First unveiled in 2019 as a classic pilsner, and ultimately complemented by an American pale ale selection and an infused ale product, this new drink — half SKI Citrus Soda, half beer — represents a radical, and flavorful, departure from Double Cola’s inaugural adult beverage lineup.

“This is our best adult beverage yet — The shandy-styled BREWSKI is light, refreshing, and jam-packed with the citrus flavor our SKI drinkers love,” said Gina Dhanani, Chief Operating Officer at the Double Cola Company. “When we initially decided to enter the adult beverage space, we did so with a more traditional line of drinks.”

Dhanani added, “Though those products were great-tasting, we realized that our most dedicated customers would prefer alcoholic beverages that include the hallmark flavors they’ve grown accustomed to with us, especially our ever-popular SKI Citrus Soda. I’m ecstatic to introduce our fans to this elevated version of BREWSKI.”

A “shandy” is a beer mixed with a nonalcoholic drink, typically one with a notable citrusy palate. In the case of BREWSKI, the Double Cola Company has perfectly blended a Kölsch-style beer with the sweet and tangy taste of the celebrated SKI Citrus Soda. The result is a refreshing shandy that is sure to leave taste buds tingling.

“Southern Ohio has always been a strong market for us, and we are so excited to share the new BREWSKI just in time for Labor Day weekend with our friends all across the area,” Dhanani said. “We hope BREWSKI is a go-to addition to every lake day and poolside cooler, as well as every tailgate party throughout the fall.

The new BREWSKI will be introduced to Double Cola markets in a staggered rollout throughout 2021, and will soon be followed by the unveiling of additional adult beverages. The product can be found in both Jackson and Vinton Counties.

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