Show Class 2 — 1st, Nolan Collins, Highlanders; 2nd, Addyson Dailey, Country Critters; 3rd, Madison McElfresh, Country Critters; 4th, Kelsee Harris, Jackson County Livestock; 5th, Cecil McKinniss, Highlanders

Show Class 3 — 1st, Daniel Baker, Forward Thinkers; 2nd, Natalie Krannitz, Medallions; 3rd, Brady Dailey, Country Critters; 4th, Kyle Kiser, Hayseeds; 5th, Kyle Kiser, Hayseeds

Show Class 4 — 1st, Brady Dailey, Country Critters; 2nd, Trinity Jones, Forward Thinkers; 3rd, Haley Krannitz, Medallions; 4th, Daniel Baker, Forward Thinkers; 5th, Maddie Mercer, Barnyard Rascals

Show Class 5 — 1st, Addison Dulaney, Country Critters; 2nd, Claudia Ervin, Country Critters; 3rd, Natalie Zinn, Forward Thinkers; 4th, Natalie Krannitz, Medallions; 5th, Bristol Stickley, Animal House; 6th, Charissa Krannitz, Medallions; 7th, Ali Barnett, Country Critters; 8th, Jerzey Dean, Animal House

Show Class 6 — 1st, Abby Conschafsky, Animal House; 2nd, Alexis Pariseau, Forward Thinkers; 3rd, Natalie Zinn, Forward Thinkers; 4th, Zane Albright, Country Super Stars; 5th, Allyssa Helman, Barnyard Rascals; 6th, Junior Stumbo, Hayseeds; 7th, Haylee Skaggs, Animal House

Show Class 7 — 1st, Alexis Pariseau, Forward Thinkers; 2nd, Gwendolyn Erwin, Country Critters; 3rd, Ivy Gentry, Barnyard Rascals; 4th, Zane Hoyt, Barnyard Rascals; 5th, Zane Hoyt, Barnyard Rascals; 6th, Piper Gentry, Barnyard Rascals; 7th, Junior Stumbo, Hayseeds; 8th, Levi Weghorst, Animal House

Grand Champion Dairy Market Feeder — Alexis Pariseau

Reserve Champion Dairy Market Feeder — Gwendolyn Erwin

Top County Bred — Ivy Gentry

Reserve Top County Bred — Maddie Mercer

Rate of Gain — Gwendolyn Erwin

3rd-10th Overall — 3rd, Brady Dailey; 4th, Daniel Baker; 5th, Addison Dulaney; 6th, Claudia Ervin; 7th, Trinity Jones; 8th, Abby Conschafsky; 9th, Alexis Pariseau; 10th, Ivy Gentry

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