ZALESKI — Reopening this Thursday, June 10, the Lake Hope Nature Center has gotten a facelift with renovations to show off to the public including a snake wall and brand new flooring. A full list of summer programs was also announced via the nature center’s Facebook page.

The housing for the snakes and other reptiles was previously donated from an exhibit at the state fair but has since been updated with help from members of the group Friends of Lake Hope. Signage detailing the species on display is in production. The display includes both harmless and venomous snakes.

A magnetic board showing different animals and their habitats is available to explore. Kaylin Callander, a naturalist at the center, is hoping to add a large aquarium with local sport fish sometime this summer.

Besides the cosmetic features, functional pieces have also been updated including a new heater, roofing, gutters, and windows.

Programs including the popular Hungry Hummers, a hand feeding of the hummingbirds event, are taking place this summer. Callander explained that the birds may be skittish and timid this year as they aren’t used to people being around as much as previous years.

She made sure to express her gratitude to Friends of Lake Hope for their funding and hard work during the renovation process.

“They probably funded half the flooring and volunteered to build and supply all the materials for the snake wall. That was a really big help for us,” explained Callander.

Other programs planned for the summer include a number of creeking expeditions in Raccoon Creek, paddle boarding introductory courses, and an animal identification event set in late August. For a full list of events and activities, visit the Lake Hope State Park Facebook page.

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