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With my first week as editor of The Courier in the books, I wanted to introduce myself to the citizens of Vinton County.

I wanted to start by first thanking Sydney for her time spent at The Courier. She has been so incredibly helpful during the transition and I can’t thank her enough. Please follow her journey as she moves her attention full time to being the editor of The Athens NEWS.

To provide some background on me, I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland called Brunswick. I lived there my whole life until my acceptance into The Ohio State University in 2014. History has always been a passion of mine as well as writing, leading to my major in journalism and my minor in history.

After graduation in 2018, I was working for WOSU Public Radio on All Sides with Ann Fisher. From there I worked a day job while freelancing for Forensic News to stay involved in the journalistic world.

In March of this year, the Delaware Gazette welcomed me as its new county reporter. However, three weeks into my time there, COVID-19 took its toll on the county and my position was eliminated. It was an extremely difficult blow, as my dream had always been to work for a newspaper and it felt like my hopes had been raised for the sole purpose of being demolished.

In school, I was initially hesitant to take journalism as a major but after spending two years in college and seeing people around me whose voices deserved to be heard, I realized being a reporter is the best use of my skills. My goal is to make a difference wherever I happen to be. I want to help bring a voice to the disenfranchised and to share the experiences of people with a broader audience.

As for my hobbies, I enjoy exploring in nature and watching sports. I played softball my whole childhood and rugby from high school and into college. The idea of a contact sport where men and women teams have the exact same rules was appealing to me. Being introduced to Harry Potter as a kid helped foster an already apparent love of reading (my parents used to scold me for reading late on school nights). Science and the environment have always fascinated me, from learning about animals through ZooBooks to watching Mythbusters with my family. Scary films and spooky stuff holds my heart. I attribute that to the many hours I spent in my youth watching old episodes of Scooby Doo, so please tell me all about your local ghost stories.

Taking big national news and making the information more palatable for local audiences is my favorite type of story to write. It isn’t always easy to see how the larger issues impact a community, so I make it a goal of mine to help in the process.

Feature writing is another favorite because it gives the writer a chance to truly get to know someone and then share that person with others. Any story that involves animals or local volunteerism is so much fun.

When The Courier reached out to offer me the position as your new editor, I can’t lie, I was nervous. Over the past week though, I have never felt more at home. Thank you all for the opportunity. I am thrilled to start learning about your history and traditions.

Please never hesitate to reach out to me with any comments or concerns. The best way you can reach me is at my email ahulvalchick@vintonjacksoncourier.com or by following me on Twitter @amhulvalchick.

The phone to my desk at the Athens office is 740-592-6612 ext 301131. The Courier office phone number is 740-596-5393, and you can also reach me there.

As a native Ohioan, I am so excited to serve a new community here in Vinton County. I have so much to learn from you all.

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