In addition to local races, southern Ohio voters decided their Democrat and Republican candidates for Ohio’s second congressional district in last Tuesday’s Primary Election.

Running against James J. Condit, Jr. and David J. Windisch, Rep. Brad Wenstrup took home over 76.8% of the vote over his fellow Republicans.

Now seeking a sixth term in the U.S. House of Representatives, Wenstrup, a practicing podiatric surgeon, said in a released statement following his victory that he is the right choice to take on the challenges facing the nation.

“During these challenging times in our nation, we need leaders who bring real world experiences to Washington. I’m proud to continue lending my voice as a doctor, veteran, and former small business owner to help solve America’s most pressing challenges,” said Wenstrup.

“Ohioans right now are struggling to keep up with inflation, still suffering from the ongoing opioid epidemic, and are rightly concerned about America’s diminishing role on the global stage. These are issues I take to heart and am working every day to address in Washington. I look forward to continuing to serve and fight for the hardworking families of Southern Ohio.”

Wenstrup’s Democrat challenger is Ross County’s Samantha Meadows, who secured 71.2% of the vote over Alan Darnowsky.

Meadows also issued a statement after her victory, thanking her supporters and vowing to serve all regardless of political affiliation.

“As a lifelong Southern Ohioan, I know that bluster, bravado, and political bickering is not helping any of us,” she said. “We need good jobs, food on our tables, affordable health insurance, and safer neighborhoods. Friends, we deserve those things.”

“We have not been heard in Washington, DC. I am running for this office because I care about our counties. Each county has unique needs and I want to help all of you. I care.”

The path to Congress has become increasingly difficult for Democrats within the congressional district- which now includes Clermont, Clinton, Brown, Adams, Scioto, Pike, Highland, Jackson, Vinton, Ross, Pickaway, Hocking, Meigs, Gallia, and Lawrence counties following redistricting.

In the 2020 General Election, Wenstrup secured 72.5% of the vote over Jamie Castle in the county and 61.1% overall.

Vinton and Jackson counties will be part of Ohio’s second congressional district for the first-time this millennium, previously belonging to the state’s 15th and sixth districts respectively.

The district has been led by the Republicans since 1983 when Bill Gradison served as Rep. for ten years. Current U.S. Sen. Rob Portman also led the district from 1993 through 2005.

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