Sunrush Water

Pictured is the very first 5-gallon water, bottled by Sunrush Water, at the new bottling plant, located in Wellston at Gem Beverages.

WELLSTON — Sunrush Water, which has been operating in Southern Ohio since 2008, has expanded into Jackson County, where it has established a manufacturing and distribution operation in Wellston.

Recently, Sunrush Water announced that the company installed a bottling plant inside the Gem Beverage building in Wellston and was able to obtain the license to operate on July 30th.

“This is a very exciting step for us as a company,” stated Sunrush Water Owner Michael Blum . “It not only allows us to take direct control of the quality of the product, but it changes how we spend our money.”

Blum added, “We no longer have to buy a product from someone who isn’t local to the area, we can manufacture this product locally and keep more money in the local economy. It is also helping to create more jobs for the area.”

Sunrush has already added one full-time position to the company, but expects to create at least two more new positions within the next year as they expand into seven new counties surrounding Jackson County.

“The Jackson County Economic Development Partnership is excited to add Sunrush Water to the list of great food and beverage companies manufacturing success in Jackson County,” stated Jackson County Economic Development Partnership Executive Director Sam Brady. “Whether food giants like Bellisio Foods and General Mills, legacy brands like Gem Beverages, or young companies like Buff Lo Dip and Farm on the Ridge, Jackson County is home to a diverse food cluster whose products are found in local convenience stores, regional super markets, and grocery stores across North America and into Asia.”

The company offers delivery of bottled water and coffee products, as well as water treatment sales and service to Southern Ohio and part of Kentucky.

“Sunrush Water is still maintaining our office in Piketon, and will be operating all of our water treatment and service work from that location,” explained Blum. “Our 5-gallon water will be bottled in Wellston and all deliveries will be made from that location going forward.”

Blum said, “Some minor remodeling work is still being done to the building, once it is finished, we plan to offer a COVID-19 friendly open house in which customers and anyone else who is interested can visit the bottling facility and arrange a tour on an appointment basis.”

Wellston Mayor Charlie Hudson stated that Sunrush Water coming to Wellston is just another step in the “reinvention” of the city.

“All successful small towns are made up of many small businesses,” said Hudson. “We appreciate Sunrush’s confidence that we can provide an atmosphere where they can be successful and grow their brand.”

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