70 years ago...

From the Sept. 6, 1951 edition of The McArthur Democrat-Enquirer:

The Ohio Conservation Department’s Fish Management Section conducted tests for the elimination of acid pollution in streams around Lake Hope and Lake Alma. The tested creeks had dams that used a limestone bed as a filter to help remove contaminants from the water. However, the tests showed a pH content — a measure of acidity — of 6.8. The Democrat-Enquirer reported at the time that .7 was considered a normal acid content for a body of water and that readings below 5.5 are critical to both fish and vegetation.

60 years ago…

From the Sept. 7, 1961 edition of The McArthur Democrat-Enquirer:

The ground-breaking ceremony for an educational edition to the McArthur Methodist Church began Sept. 10, 1961. Church service began at 10:40 a.m. that day, with the congregation going outside toward the end of the service for the official ground-breaking. Vinton County Local Schools Superintendent Dr. Stanley Jeffery and leaders of the local church attended the ceremony.

50 years ago…

From the Sept. 8, 1971 edition of The Vinton County Courier

Oliver Mills filed a $1 million lawsuit in the U.S. District Court, feeling that the police deprived her of her rights. Previously, her husband shot both Vinton County Sheriff Harold Steel and deputy David Wilbut, killing Steel. He fled and later turned himself in. He was convicted of first degree manslaughter and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Oliver’s lawsuit claimed police deprived her of her rights, adding that she was held for 45 hours for questioning in the Vinton County Jail and that she was not notified of her rights. She also claimed she was not fed and went 12 hours without a drink of water and that deputies threatened her while she was being questioned.

40 years ago…

From the Sept. 9, 1971 edition of The Vinton County Courier:

The McArthur Volunteer Fire Department extinguished two fires at the same car dealership in one week. The first fire at the Adkins Ford dealership occurred in the service area of the dealership and was believed to be caused by a short circuit in an air conditioning control. The second fire happened five days later and caused $30,000 in damages. The ceiling burned in an area of the showroom, and the fire had broken through the roof by the time firefighters arrived.

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