70 years ago...

From the Nov. 15, 1951 edition of The McArthur Democrat-Enquirer

A recount was ordered in Hamden for the both the village council and village clerk races. The requests were filed by Noah Harvey, Elwood Sexton and Otto Depue. Depue lost the clerk election by 10 votes to Marian Dye. Sexton and Harvey, both incumbents on village council, received 236 and 240 votes, respectively. Claude Wyatt, a challenger, received 247 votes. Several ties were broken that year with a coin toss, according to the election board chairman at the time, Edward Glandon.

60 years ago...

From the Nov. 16, 1961 edition of The McArthur Democrat-Enquirer:

The Vinton County Board of Elections agreed to recount votes cast in the race for mayor of Hamden. Gerald Dobbins, who was defeated by 12 votes in the race by incumbent Vale Cottrill, requested the recount.

50 years ago...

From the Nov. 17, 1971 edition of The Vinton County Courier:

The Vinton County Chapter of FFA sponsored a professional wrestling match scheduled to take place Nov. 20. The matches were scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. at the Vinton County high school gym. The evening’s headliners were The Masked Blue Angels against a father-son team, Hank and Roger Vest, from Chillicothe. Later, Frank Pickens of Columbus was scheduled to wrestle Glenn Rinehart of Chillicothe. Pickens was a protege of Frankie Talaber and a contender for the Ohio heavyweight title, which was held by Ray “The Indian” Fleetfoot at the time.

40 years ago...

From the Nov. 18, 1981 edition of The Vinton County Courier:

Fifth graders from the Vinton County Local School District were scheduled to compete in a “Nutrition Bowl” on Nov. 24 at Allensville Elementary. Fifth graders were quizzed on nutrition, and the winning team would be awarded a traveling trophy presented by the 4-H Council. Hamden Elementary won the trophy the previous year.

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