70 years ago…

From the Nov. 22, 1951 edition of The McArthur Democrat-Enquirer:

The Vinton County Board of Elections recounted two races in the county: a race for Jackson Township trustee, and a race for a seat on Hamden Village Council. Neither recount resulted in material changes to the election despite the township recount resulting in one less vote for a candidate and the Hamden recount resulting in two additional votes for a candidate.

60 years ago…

From the Nov. 23, 1961 edition of The McArthur Democrat-Enquirer:

A recount conducted by the Vinton County Board of Elections resulted in the passage of a special issue that would allow the sale of 6% beer for carryout in Wilkesville Township. The recount made the votes 117 in favor for the sale and 116 against the sale. Before the recount, the vote was 114 votes for the sale and 117 votes against. The request was filed by James Nier, a Wilkesville Township carry-out permit holder.

50 years ago...

From the Nov. 24, 1971 edition of The Vinton County Courier:

The Vinton County Courier reported that following a recount in Wellston, Democrat Gary Huston gained an additional nine votes, awarding him with the third of three seats up for vote on Wellston City Council. Before the recount, Huston placed fourth in the race, receiving three votes less than Republican Ed Downard, who was third prior to the recount.

40 years ago…

From the Nov. 25, 1981 edition of The Vinton County Courier:

A jury was unable to reach a verdict after three and a half hours of deliberation in the trial of Robert Swaim, who was charged with the burglary of the Hazel Turner home in New Plymouth. Neighbors had called the Sheriff’s Department while the burglary was in progress. When deputies arrived, the burglars had left by the back door, leaving behind a hat and coat, according to Sheriff Delno McClure. Clothing samples which had been caught on a barbed wire fence during the burglars’ escape were matched to clothes worn by Swaim, Robert Brown, and a juvenile when they were apprehended. McClure said there could be a retrial. Brown was placed on probation for 2 years by the court and fined $300.

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