70 years ago...

From the Feb. 9, 1950 edition of the McArthur Democrat-Enquirer:

  • Books at the Allensville library station were disappearing in large quantities. The Vinton County District Library urged Vinton Countians to return books as soon as they could. Unless at least 25-30 books were returned, library employees noted, the station would have to be closed.
  • From Gerry Frye’s “Around Town”: “The meanest person in town is the one that took the iron lung out of Doctor Chamberlain’s office... took it up in the Freeman’s office doorway... opened it up and took the March of Dimes money out.”
  • At the movies: the Louvee in Wellston played “Ambush” by Robert Taylor.

60 years ago...

From the Feb. 4, 1960 edition of the McArthur Democrat-Enquirer:

  • The new post office building on South Market Street in McArthur was officially open. The building was constructed by Anaganco Construction Company.
  • From Gerry Frye’s “Around Town”: “Friday night [I] was driving to Wellston and as I was crossing the railroad tracks into Wellston I passed a Patrol car — and suddenly realized it was the first time since leaving McArthur that I hadn’t dimmed my light and wouldn’t you know, I picked a Patrol car to give the business,” she wrote. She was traveling with friend Eleanor Benedict at the time. “All the time I was thinking to myself he thought it was a couple of young dolls in a convertible and when he took my license, it took him 15 minutes to count up my age — whatta shock — from that minute on he treated me like an “older lady” — half my friends in McArthur chose that time to pass.”
  • In sports, Hamden sewed up the Vinton County basketball league with a win against Zaleski, 83-62. Red Salts led with 15 points. In other parts of the county, Allensville beat Wilton 78-47.
  • In ads, the Hamden General Store sold lean, ground beef for 59 cents per pound.

50 years ago...

From the Feb. 5, 1970 edition of the McArthur Democrat-Enquirer:

  • In sports, the Rockets downed the Vikings, 75-50. Jeff Howell led scoring for Wellston with 19 points.
  • In ads, Standard Hardware and Supply Company sold a portable G.E. television for $89.95.

40 years ago...

From the Feb. 6, 1980 edition of the Vinton County Courier:

  • The Courier reported that “the skunk that was threatening the peace of minds of some of the residents on Miller Avenue in Hamden was dispatched with a shotgun by Marshal Arnold Coen. It was not rabid.”
  • A potentially dangerous strain of the flu had swept across Ohio. Vinton County school nurse Diane Partlow urged parents to

keep sick children at home. Absences ranged from 15-85 students per school building.

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