Wayback Wednesday

County Superintendent Kenneth Christopher gives the oath of office to the new Vinton County school board members Patty Napier and Laurence Calvin during a Tuesday meeting.

70 years ago...

From the Jan. 10, 1952 edition of The McArthur Democrat-Enquirer:

Attorneys representing the United Mine Workers filed a general denial of charges made in an injunction filed in connection with the picketing of the Benedict, Inc. strip mine in Creola. The attorneys denied that the company did not comply with provisions of the National Labor Defense Act, and said that there had been no violence and no cause for an injunction to be issues. The temporary injunction was issued in December after the union’s pickets came to the mine, and it limited the number of pickets to two at each mine entrance and restrained the union from violence or interference with the mine’s operations.

60 years ago...

From the Jan. 11, 1962 edition of The McArthur Democrat-Enquirer:

Oles Dalford Molihan, 60, was found frozen to death in the early morning of Jan. 11. His foot was caught in a woven wire fence, with his head in the snow. His body was found a quarter mile east of the crossing of the C & C tracks with the B & O railroad at Dundas. Vinton County Coroner Joseph E. Strong, gave a verdict of death due to extreme exposure to freezing weather.

50 years ago...

From the Jan. 12, 1972 edition of The Vinton County Courier:

The Vinton County Sheriff reported a 90% decrease in crime in the county in the past year. However, the department noted that crime still remains a problem in the county due to a lack of modern equipment, man power and cooperation from the county. At the time, the department operated with only two full time employees who worked more than 60 hours a week without an in-house radio dispatcher. Instead, ten volunteer deputies work with the department as radio dispatchers and assist regular deputies.

40 years ago...

From the Jan. 13, 1982 edition of The Vinton County Courier:

Bitter arctic air swept through the country, with wind chill factors in Vinton County reaching 45 to 50 below zero. Some areas around the country reported wind chill reaching as low as minus 80 degrees. Actual temperatures for the county ranged from 10 to 20 below zero, according to The Courier.

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