From the Aug. 31, 1950 edition of the McArthur Democrat-Enquirer:

  • Zaleski State Forest was under consideration as a site for an Ohio “prison nursery camp.” Ohio had then recently opened its second camp of this kind in Sandusky County. Other sites under consideration by the state were Hocking State Forest, Shawnee Forest and Scioto Trail Forest.
  • The oldest woman in Vinton County at the time passed away at the age of 97 at her McArthur residence. Margaret Ireland was also born in Vinton County, on her family’s homestead in 1853.
  • At the movies: “Streets of Ladredo” and “Jigsaw” played at Vinton Theatre.

From the Sept. 1, 1960 edition of the McArthur Democrat-Enquirer:

  • Claude M. Herrold, of McArthur, Lumber and Post Co., purchased the former Vinton County Infirmary building and approximately 35 acres of land surrounding it at an auction sale for $5,275. The infirmary building was believed to be built in 1878.
  • Willis-Sellers Co. in Wellston sold a 1959 Simca for $1,295.

From the Sept. 3, 1970 edition of the McArthur Democrat-Enquirer:

  • Vinton County’s sheriff, Harold Steele, was shot and killed while attempting to serve a bench warrant. The Vinton-Jackson Courier recounted this tale in a separate story.
  • Wayne M. Plymale was named principal of Vinton County High School. Spiro G. Vanezzales was named assistant principal.
  • At the movies: the Louvee played “Anne of the Thousand Days.”

From the Sept. 3, 1980 edition of the Vinton County Courier:

  • The Vikings won their opener against Zane-Trace, 21-0. The offensive player of the week was John Peters, No. 40, who rushed 158 yards and scored two of the three touchdowns that game. The defensive player of the week was Richard Ferguson, No. 55, who had seven unassisted tackles and one Zane-Trace fumble.
  • The vocational school in Allensville opened, but its first day was a student orientation event, as a majority of the school’s equipment had yet to arrive. A total of 121 students enrolled in the program.
  • A possible Bigfoot sighting was reported in Vinton County, and Courier columnist and leader Gerry Frye detailed the report in her column. Larry Cottrill heard a noise outside his home four miles from McArthur; upon investigating the disturbance, he claimed to see a creature, roughly 7-feet tall, with long dark hair and red eyes (when caught in light) standing in his potato patch. Cottrill rushed into his house to grab his shotgun, and fired two shots at the creature. Rodney Peoples made casts of the tracks thought to be left by the mysterious creature in the potato patch. The Sheriff’s Office was called to investigate and take photographs of the scene. Others reportedly witnessed the creature near the Cottrill residence.
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