Township Road 1055

The red line made on this map shows the alley, also known as Township Road 1055, in Byer that has been closed or vacated.

BYER — The subject of an alley, known as Township Road 1055, in Byer has been a topic of conservation in recent months.

Back in September, Washington Township Trustees voted to vacate all of Township Road 1055 in Byer starting at Walsh Street and ending at State Route 327.

Some of the residents living near the alley weren't happy with this decision, so the matter was bought to the Jackson County Commissioners in October. 

In early November, Commissioners Paul Haller, Ed Armstrong and Jon Hensler conducted a viewing of the alley and public hearing regarding the matter. The residents were split on the matter, half wanted the alley open and the other half wanted the alley closed.

Only a portion of alley was even passable, and the trustees have never maintained it as a roadway. There were trees growing in places of the alley, as well as grass. 

The Commissioners discovered by looking at Washington Township Trustees meeting minutes from May 2011 that the alley had been closed for years, but the proper paperwork wasn't processed.

On Tuesday, Nov. 19, the Commissioners voted 3-0 to uphold the Washington Township Trustees decision during the township meeting on Sept. 12, 2019 to vacate the alley in Byer known as Township Road 1055.

Those residents who have land bordering the alley on each side will receive a small part of the alley into their land or lot.

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