Boyer Council

Newly appointed Hamden Mayor Chuck Boyer (center) presides over the first Hamden Village Council meeting of the year.

HAMDEN – Hamden Mayor Terry Wiseman resigned from office Friday just over a month after previously backing down from the decision.

Under Ohio law, council member Chuck Boyer, the president of Hamden’s Village Council, was sworn in as mayor of Hamden the same day by council member Mike Claar. He will finish out the remaining two years of Wiseman’s term.

Boyer, whose term on council was set to expire on Dec. 31, 2021, lost his re-election bid in November by one vote to Dale McManus.

Wiseman said there was no particular reason for his resignation the day before Boyer’s term expired, and stated that Boyer is a good person to hold the office.

“I was just gonna do it anyway,” Wiseman said. “I got out of the hospital and I just made my mind up right there, and that’s it.”

In November, the council scheduled a special meeting to accept his resignation, but on the day of the meeting, Wiseman changed his mind, and the meeting was canceled.

At the time, Wiseman, 75, told The Courier he had planned to step down due to age and health concerns,

adding that he had been considering resigning from office for over a year, but ultimately decided to finish out his term.

“I just felt I was in good enough shape to finish my term out, and I hate to be a quitter,” Wiseman said in November.

In an interview Friday, Wiseman again cited health concerns as his reason for resigning, and said he had recently been released from a hospital.

“We accomplished a good bit, a lot of things people wouldn’t really notice. I’m satisfied with what I did there, and I’m sure my replacement will be jim-dandy too,” he said, reflecting on his time as mayor.

Now out of office, Wiseman said he plans to focus on his health.

After a special, organizational council meeting Monday, Boyer said he was getting a tire fixed in McArthur when he was informed of Wiseman’s resignation, adding that the news he would be sworn in as mayor came as a shock.

“I thought it was all over and done with, and I was getting into the frame of mind of what I was gonna do with my time and all,” Boyer said.

Boyer said he looks forward to the challenges of the office.

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