Buckeye Hills Career Center

Buckeye Hills Career Center

RIO GRANDE — Buckeye Hills Career Center recently announced its tentative Restart Plan for students and staff.

The career center had three plan variations in its reopening strategy. “Plan A” opts for what many school districts in the state refer to as a “traditional” model of education: in-person instruction, five days per week. “Plan B” is a blended model of instruction: students would follow a modified schedule their first and second semesters on campus. Some days would include remote learning, which would occur off-campus. “Plan C” would include an online-only education model. Instruction would occur solely through digital techniques. The school’s campus would be closed.

Thus far, Buckeye Hills Career Center is planning to implement the Plan B model, slated to begin on Aug. 13.

“The day that students report have been modified in order to comply with guidance of social distancing, physical barriers and face coverings. As long as students and staff maintain six-feet of social distancing and/or physical barriers, they will now be required to wear face coverings unless instructed to do so,” Supt. Nash stated in a letter to the community detailing fall plans.

In addition, students will be placed into two groups: Level 1 and Level 2. When the school year begins, learning will occur face-to-face and through remote learning. Level 1 students will be in the school for two days per week, and the Level 2 students will be in the building three days per week. The schedule will change for students in the second semester of the year, with Level 1 students being in the school building for three days per week and Level 2 students being in the building for two days per week.

Satellite students will be expected to follow the guidelines and plans established by the high school in which the program is located.

The update provided information about other aspects of student life


Partner schools will have the opportunity to provide transportation for students to the career center.

Food services

Students and staff will have lunches in the facility’s cafeteria, and people will be physically distanced. Physical barriers will also be utilized.

Academic classrooms

Teachers will maintain their classrooms and conduct face-to-face instruction and remote learning environments. All classrooms will reportedly have physical distancing measures in place, and in spaces where physical distancing measures aren’t possible, face coverings will be utilized.

CTE labs/classrooms

CTE teachers will maintain their classrooms or labs and utilize the recommended guidelines for each program, the plan update stated. Classrooms and labs will have physical distancing measures put into place, and face coverings when physical distancing isn’t possible.

Job placement

Senior students that are on track both academically and within their CTE program, may be placed during the second semester. However, they must meet all guidelines and stay in compliance with those guidelines throughout the semester. If students are found to be non-compliant, they will be removed from job placement status and return to their main campus and off-campus schedule.

Technology devices/hot spots/Internet services

If a student does not have access to technology (whether it be a device, Internet and/or services provider), the district will provide all items at no cost to the student as long as they are attending the career center. Other resources will be made available on an individualized basis.

“Please keep in mind that the Career Center has additional guidelines to follow and our operations and facilities are different from our K-12 school partners,” Superintendent Jamie Nash said. “We want to stress to the public: please do not compare the K-12 schools to the Career Center when implementing strategies of operations during a pandemic. Our districts are different for multiple reasons and all districts are putting the students, staff and community members’ safety first.”

These plans will be presented for approval at the Aug. 5 school board meeting.

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