Judge Musick

Jackson County Municipal Court Judge Mark T. Musick is shown speaking at the re-dedication ceremony in front of the Jackson County Municipal Court building, which has now reopened.

Note: This story appears in the Wednesday, Oct. 9 newspaper on Page A1.

JACKSON — The Jackson County Municipal Court building, which closed in mid-February due to water damage from heavy rainfall, has reopened.

Jackson County Commissioners Paul Haller, Ed Armstrong, and Jon Hensler recessed during their meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 1, to walk a few blocks down the street to the municipal court building.

Once at the building, a short re-dedication ceremony was held in front of the building, which included the DAV Color Guard presenting the flags, followed by Hensler giving a word of prayer.

Haller spoke first and begin by thanking the municipal court staff for their patience through the remediation process.

“It wasn’t the easiest thing to accomplish to move the court and prosecutor’s office both out to other locations,” stated Haller. “The staff needs a pat on the back for everything they have been through.”

Next to speak was Jackson County Municipal Court Judge Mark T. Musick, who thanked the commissioners, and his staff for everything they did.

“This building has been plagued by water since it opened,” stated Musick. “This was the third major water attack over the years.”

The last person to speak was Phillip Osborne of Ark Advanced Remediation. He spoke about the work that was put into the remediation.

Osborne led a tour of the building and explained that his company took care of the cleaning.

“We had two different air quality tests performed in the building,” explained Osborne. “We had a preliminary one before cleaning, and a final one after everything was cleaned to make sure the air quality was good.”

Osborne said, “In the clerk’s area, there were a couple of points of intrusion, but the biggest point of intrusion from rainwater was the exterior back wall. We removed the entire wall, and some of the ceiling tile.”

In addition to the water damage, there was the issue of microbial growth of mold, which Osborne’s company addressed as well.

Ark Advanced Remediation helped the county move the Jackson County Municipal Court Office and Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office each to temporary locations in Jackson while remediation took place.

“We moved over 1,200 boxes, over 40 filing cabinets, and 30 desks during this whole process,” Osborne said.

Stockmeister Enterprises did the reconstruction work, and Premier Painting did the paint job. All of the interior walls received a fresh coat of paint, and new carpet was installed throughout the building. A side project that also happened in the clerk’s area was that a platform was built by Riddle Construction and Remodeling for the clerks at the payment window.

“This process took so long because it started in mid-February, when it was still winter, so roofing delayed the process,” Osborne explained.

Osborne said this company moved the municipal court staff back into the building the week of the Apple Festival. They officially reopened the building on Monday, Sept. 30.

The prosecutor’s office has not moved back in yet, but should be back at that location in the near future.

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