Taking a look

Jackson County Commissioners Paul Haller, Jon Hensler and Ed Armstrong are pictured taking a look at the damaged entrance to a county parking lot.

JACKSON — The Jackson County Commissioners recently approved the reconstruction of a concrete section of a county parking lot, after two different county employees blew tires entering the parking lot in a three week period.

The parking lot is located behind the Jackson County Health Department and leads to the Jackson County Courthouse.

“It has been an issue for a while, and we’re just now getting to it,” Jackson County Commissioner President Paul Haller explained.

The project is going to cost about $40,000, and a crew from Randy Evans Construction will be doing the work. The money for the project is coming from the capital improvements (general maintenance) line item.

Haller said that the county didn’t have to bid the project out because it comes in under $50,000. The general competitive bidding statute for counties says that a project would needed bid out if over $50,000.

“Much of the work will be done on the weekends, however, limited parking will only be available on the blacktop section toward the courthouse during the workweek,” explained Haller. “For alternative parking, we suggest using the city parking lot across from the commissioner’s office with a short walk up the alley beside Michael’s Ice Cream.”

Haller added, “Please bear with us as we make the parking lot safer and more convenient for the employees.”

The project in this area could last at least three to four weeks.

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