The Ohio Department of Health has discontinued the use of the Ohio Public Health Advisory Systems Map starting May 27.

According to the Ohio Department of health website, as cases decline and vaccinations increase, the map is no longer the best way to measure Ohio’s status.

Currently, Vinton County has 29.94 percent of its population with their vaccines started equating to a total of 3,917 residents. 27.53 percent, or 3,602 residents, have been fully vaccinated.

For Jackson County, 34.71 percent of its residents, or 11,249 people, have started their vaccinations. 31.35 percent, equal to 10,162 people, have been fully vaccinated.

Here are the weekly updates of COVID-19 cases in Jackson and Vinton Counties.

Jackson County:

The Jackson County Health Department is reporting as of press time, there are only seven active cases in Jackson County.

The cumulative total, as of May 30, stands at 2,963 lab-confirmed (positive) cases. Total deaths from the virus sits at 67.

It also reported 196 probable (likely) cases of COVID-19. A probable case is defined as an individual who reports a history of a COVID-like illness and is epidemiologically linked to a confirmed case or an individual who reports a history of a COVID-like illness with supportive lab results, but does not have testing done.

There are two current hospitalizations. There have been a total of 199 individuals with lab-confirmed cases that were hospitalized thus far.

The health department is reporting that 41 percent of the confirmed cases have an underlying health condition. The breakdown of gender infected is 57 percent female, and 43 percent male. The age range in years among those infected is remains 0-100.

Vinton County:

The most recent COVID-19 data for the county is current as of May 28 and comes from the Vinton County Health Department website.

According to the numbers, there are three active cases in the county with no new deaths to be reported.

No Vinton County residents are hospitalized for the virus according to the same data.

Since the pandemic began, 836 cases of those with the virus have recovered. 762 confirmed cases have been reported with 97 probable cases.

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