JACKSON — The County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO) applauds the decision made by the state to include full funding for indigent defense reimbursement in the recently passed state budget.

Jackson County Commissioner President Paul Haller told The Courier that this announcement was “great news” for all counties, including Jackson County.

“Indigent defense is a state mandate that small counties like Jackson do not have a revenue stream to cover the expense,” explained Haller. “Jackson County has been budgeting over $300,000 a year for indigent defense.”

Haller added, “Although, we will still need to budget that amount, we will be reimbursed the entire amount spent, which can put back into the general fund. It’s a win for CCAO and Jackson County.”

Indigent defense provides services to defendants who can’t afford legal counsel on their own. Public defender programs, assigned counsel systems, and contract attorney systems are all public service resources provided to indigent defendants.

“Full funding for indigent defense reimbursement was CCAO’s primary budget request, and state lawmakers and Governor DeWine answered the call and delivered with full funding, for which Ohio’s counties are deeply grateful,” said CCAO President Tim Bubb. “Full reimbursement will benefit all 88 counties and further strengthen the state-county partnership.”

Bubb said, “Strong counties help build a stronger Ohio, which ultimately benefits all Ohioans.”

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