Here are the weekly updates of COVID-19 cases in Vinton and Jackson Counties.

Jackson County:

The Jackson County Health Department is reporting that currently, there are 19 active cases in Jackson County. The cumulative total, as of Feb. 21, stands at 2,692 lab-confirmed (positive) cases. Sadly, there have been a total of 53 deaths in Jackson County to date.

It also reported 172 probable (likely) cases of COVID-19. A probable case is defined as an individual who reports a history of a COVID-like illness and is epidemiologically linked to a confirmed case or an individual who reports a history of a COVID-like illness with supportive lab results, but does not have testing done.

The health department is also reporting 29 positive antibody tests. The CDC reports that an antibody blood test checks your blood by looking for antibodies, which show if you had a previous infection with the virus. These are separate tests from lab-confirmed case tests.

There are two current hospitalizations. There have been a total of 165 individuals with lab-confirmed cases that were hospitalized thus far.

The health department is reporting that 40 percent of the 2,692 confirmed cases have an underlying health condition. The breakdown of gender infected is 58 percent female, and 42 percent male. The age range in years among those infected is now 0-100.

Vinton County:

As we approach the year anniversary of COVID-19 reaching Ohio with over half a million deaths in total across the country, the exhaustion is becoming evident. The rollout for vaccines has been slow and flawed but the state continues to chug along as we fight the virus day after day.

For Vinton County, good news came in the knowledge that it was the first county to measure below the CDC’s threshold for high incidence of the virus. Holmes County followed close behind according to Governor Mike DeWine’s press conference Monday, Feb. 22.

According to the most recent data on the Vinton County Health Department Facebook page, from Feb. 22, there are currently five active cases in the county. 682 have been confirmed with 82 probable cases.

The total of recovered cases stands at 744 and no new deaths are to be reported. That number remains at 15.

We are happy to report that there is only one hospitalization in the county for the virus.

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