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Note: This story appears in the Wednesday, Nov. 6 newspaper on Page A1.

McARTHUR — Each mayoral race in Vinton County was contested during the Nov. 5 General Election, bringing some changes in leadership to the county’s four villages.

Leading the villages of Vinton County as mayors will be Steve Hammond in McArthur, Charles “Terry” Wiseman in Hamden, Matthew Smith in Wilkesville and Michael Amerine in Zaleski.

In Hamden, Wiseman defeated incumbent Michael Woodruff for the title of mayor. Wiseman earned 92 votes, and Woodruff earned 81 votes.

“I want to thank everyone who voted for me,” Wiseman said. “And I’m going to try to do the best job I can do. I’d like to get the town straightened out.”

Wiseman was the mayor of Hamden for two years, and he has also served on Hamden’s village council in the past.

“I’m disappointed but alright with it,” Woodruff said. “I want to congratulate Terry. He’s a good guy. I’ll support him in any way I can.”

Serving on Hamden’s Village Council will be Lori Hayes (76 votes), Dale McManus (67 votes) and Mike Neri (73 votes).

In McArthur, Hammond won the mayoral race with 303 votes cast in his favor. Competitor Noah Lilly earned 27 votes.

The Courier was unable to reach Hammond.

“I guess I’m just disappointed,” Lilly said. “I tried; there’s nothing else I can do.”

Both J.C. Mullins (earning 196 votes) and incumbent Tammy Smith (earning 210 votes) will serve on McArthur’s village council. Joshua Kirkpatrick (222 votes) and Penny Grillo (255 votes) will continue to serve on the McArthur Board of Public Affairs.

In Wilkesville, Matthew Smith received 24, while incumbent Tracie Barnes received 12.

“I just want to wish him all the best,” Barnes said.

The Courier was unable to reach Smith.

Samantha Mahon and Bonnie White were re-elected to Wilkesville’s village council, with Mahon receiving 27 votes and White receiving 18. Joseph White, who received 31 votes, will serve as the village’s clerk-treasurer.

Amerine received 51 votes, earning more than competitors Steve Schmucker (11 votes) and Jeremy Webb (35 votes).

“It didn’t work out exactly how I wanted it to,” Webb said. “But the village is heading in a good direction. I just hope his (Amerine’s) intentions are good and we progress.”

“Well, I’m disappointed,” Schmucker said. “But we march onward. I just hope the village doesn’t go back to the way things were before I got here.”

Amerine was unable to be reached after election results came in for the night, but his wife Cookie noted that he was thrilled to become mayor of Zaleski.

“I know he will do great,” she said.

Serving on Zaleski’s Village Council will be Barbara Deal (55 votes) and Susan Tripp (64 votes).

The above results are unofficial and won’t be considered official until the Vinton County Board of Elections releases the official count later this month. The results above include absentee and early in-office voting ballots; however, the voting results do not reflect provisional ballots cast.; @sydneydawes_95

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