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Jackson County Engineer Melissa Miller has announced that the Raysville Road bridge project has been postponed until at least May 4, 2020. The road will not be closed on April 6, 2020, as had been planned.

Good Friday Day is Friday, April 10. The following entities in Jackson and Vinton Counties will be closed in observance of that holiday:

JACKSON — The City of Jackson is asking that all artificial flowers and grave blankets be removed from Fairmount Cemetery by Wednesday, April 8, for mowing and Memorial Day preparations. If you have any questions, call the cemetery office at 740-286-2090.

The Vinton County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) will test outdoor sirens on April 27 at noon. The siren in McArthur is currently non-operational. Contact EMA Director William Faught at 740-596-3524 with any questions regarding sirens or any other emergency management in Vinton County.

The Vinton County Emergency Management Agency is currently looking at updating the Vinton County Mitigation Plan. The agency is currently looking for input into this process and is offering the ability to place information into the upcoming plan.