Drew Bragg

Jackson’s Drew Bragg has been a huge catalyst for the Ironmen’s 4-0 start to the season as he lead the team in scoring.

Typically this is something I would do around the middle of the season, but considering cancelations are happening in the blink of an eye, I might as well do it while I still can.

In a normal regular season, most teams would be roughly 7-9 games into their season by now.

But as we have seen for the past eight and a half months, this has been anything but a normal season. Or year for that matter.

The good thing is that even with a slew of postponements, every boys basketball team has still been able to get games under their belts, which is better than nothing.

So I figured I take a small dive into each team and just give my early impressions about them, because why not.

I’ll get to the girls’ side of basketball in the next few weeks once teams have a couple more games under their belts.

Also, please remember to thank your athletic directors. Much like an usher at church, they are doing the Lord’s work.

*Records are as of Monday, December 21

Jackson (4-0, 3-0 FAC)

So far so good for the Ironmen, who are the class of the FAC up to this point. But what’s more impressive is about balanced they are on offense.

Much of their attack last season was centered around Caleb Wallis, which is understandable. But that was also their downfall.

They’ve learned from that lesson, and others have stepped up to create a level of unpredictably for Jackson.

Boston Kuhn, Drew Bragg, Braxton Hammond, and Evan Spires have all logged games with double figures in scoring so far this season.

The Ironmen are off until 2021, which could be good or bad. This team has the making to do something special once it takes the court again.

Vinton County (3-2, 3-0 TVC)

This is a familiar place for Vinton County at this current moment, atop the TVC standings.

Despite a very rocky start to the season with losses to Zane Trace and McClain, the Vikings have rebound strong with three straight wins in conference play.

Lance Montgomery seems to have found his form, Eli Radabaugh has elevated his game while Braylon Damron and Zayne Karr are hitting shots.

This team has the ability to go nine deep on the bench if they choose to, and now it seems like they’re gaining some confidence. Could be a resurgence it they’re still playing like this a month from now.

Wellston (3-1, 0-0 TVC)

The Golden Rockets started 3-0 for the first time in over 15 years before falling to New Boston.

Believe me, there’s no shame in losing to the Tigers, that’s a team that quite possibly will make a regional title run with how loaded they are.

Cyan Ervin and Hunter Smith have led the charge all season, but guys like Eston Riley and Evan Brown have stepped up as well.

Once others guys like Gunnar Harmon and Garrett Brown catch up to the varsity speed, this could be a team to watch as the TVC is a little open this year.

Oak Hill (1-3, 0-2 SOC II)

The Oaks are well aware they are going to take some bumps this year, but they’re dealing with it the best they can.

Now, two of their losses have been to Wheelersburg in back-to-back games, and truth be told, I respect the fact Oak Hill said it would play them on Tuesday and then again on Friday.

It’s early in the season, both teams needed games, and they were going to play again eventually.

I’ve heard too many stories about how teams wouldn’t play a conference opponent because they didn’t have enough time to prepare. Just play anyway.

Landon Hines, Aidan Hall, Braylon Howell, Evan Fisher and company will only get better. Just be patient.

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