Brock Eggers

Wellston’s Brock Eggers completes a dead lift as he went on to become the 195 pound state powerlifting champion on Saturday on Kenton.

KENTON — After finishing off his final lift at Saturday’s state powerlifting championships, Wellston’s Brock Eggers packed up his stuff to drive back home.

But this was a different feeling on the drive back. There was no celebration or anything. Matter of fact, no one was celebrating because the results weren’t released for over 24 hours.

Although he was confident in the lifts he had, he wasn’t exactly a fan of the waiting game.

“Typically when everyone is completely finished for the day, you’d have the results within a few minutes,” Eggers said. “Although I felt good about what I did, I kept a level head. But the waiting was nerve-wrecking.”

But all those feelings of nerves turned into cheers once he got the results and he was crowned as a state champion in the 195-pound division.

“It was the biggest sense of relief ever just finally getting the results,” Eggers said. “Honestly, I feel very blessed that I had the opportunity to do it physically. It’s a great honor to have, but I’m more proud that I got the chance to put Wellston on the map because I’ve gotten so much support from the community throughout high school so it was a perfect way to end.”

He took first place in all three lifts: bench press, dead lift and squat. And it wasn’t really close.

He set the tone out of the gates with a max squat of 570 pounds, which was 120 pounds more than second place. Following that up with a 280 pound bench press and a 460 pound dead lift, he totaled 1310 pounds, completely dominating his division.

“The squat was definitely the one that did it for me,” Eggers said. “I jumped up 30 pounds from the previous lift. It was the most I had ever done and I just went for it. I felt solid in the other two since I had done more weight before.”

He’s been a part of the powerlifting team since he entered high school and former Wellston football coach Jay Lucas got him into the sport.

He took it to like a fish to water, being a part of the team state championship in his freshman year and now winning as an individual.

“Ever since I started, I’ve been hooked on it,” Eggers said. “It’s definitely helped me on the field while playing, but I think more than anything, its helped keep me accountable and disciplined to make sure I’m getting into the gym to do what I need to do.”

Eggers’ name is forever etched as a part of Wellston history as a champion.

Although powerlifting has brought him to the mountaintop as a team and an individual, there’s one thing he says he most certainly will not miss about it.

“Stretching,” he said with a laugh. “It took forever.”

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