Locally, the COVID-19 case count in Jackson County topped double digits, joining neighboring Vinton County. Area health departments also report an increase in recovered cases.

Jackson County:

On Saturday, May 16, the Jackson County Health Department reported its eleventh lab-confirmed case. It also reported two probable (likely) cases of COVID-19. Both probable cases are household contacts of a lab-confirmed case.

A tenth lab-confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported on May 14, and a ninth lab-confirmed case was reported on May 12.

The Jackson County Health Department has reported that five of the 11 lab-confirmed cases have “recovered” from their illness.

A total of 201 tests have returned negative in Jackson County. There was one lab-confirmed case that was hospitalized back in early April, but has since been released.

The health department is reporting that 69 percent of the 11 confirmed cases have an underlying health condition. The breakdown of gender infected is 62 percent female, and 38 percent male. The age range in years among those infected is 43-89.

Another note, the Ohio Department of Health is reporting that one of the recent cases in Jackson County is in a nursing home. The ODH is reporting that particular case was at Oakwood Community Health Center.

Vinton County:

Vinton County was for a time the only county in the state without any confirmed cases of the virus: now it has 16 confirmed cases, according to the Vinton County Health Department.

The first two cases were confirmed on April 25. The Vinton County Health Department (VCHD) reported two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Vinton County residents. Both individuals were contacts of a positive out of county case.

The Vinton County Health Department (VCHD) reported two confirmed cases for COVID-19 in Vinton County residents. Both individuals were contacts of a positive out-of-county case.

“We have contacted the patients and the individuals potentially exposed and they have been given instructions to self-isolate and monitor for symptoms,” the health department stated at the time.

VCHD also noted that it will be in contact daily with these individuals for monitoring of temperatures and symptoms.

The county’s health department has not provided demographic information of the cases “in order to protect the privacy of these individuals.”

However, VCHD has announced other information in regard to COVID-19 cases in the county. As of 3 p.m. May 19, 71 tests for the virus in county residents came back negative. Three tests are pending results at this time. Four individuals who tested positive for the virus are hospitalized.

The county’s health department also reported nine recoveries out of the confirmed cases in Vinton County. None of the confirmed cases in Vinton County have resulted in fatalities.

“Most are work-related exposures to positive cases or immediate contacts of positive cases,” VCHD Health Commissioner and Medical Director Dr. Susan Crapes said in a press release. “There is evidence of community spread, not just in Vinton County but around the state.

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