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Last week, Jackson County finally reached “red” or level 3, for the first time ever on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System map. It is now one of the 68 counties in all of Ohio’s 88 that has turned red.

Here are the weekly updates of COVID-19 cases in Jackson and Vinton Counties.

Jackson County:

Last week, on Thursday, Nov. 12, Jackson County reached level 3 (red), for the first time ever on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System map. It is now one of the 68 counties in all of Ohio’s 88 that has turned red.

The map, which launched in late June, is a color-coded system designed to supplement existing statewide orders through a data-driven framework to assess the degree of the virus’ spread.

A level 3 means that there is a “very high exposure and spread” throughout the community. Everyone should limit activities as much as possible, and follow all current health orders.

The alert system considers seven data indicators to determine a COVID-19 risk category for counties throughout Ohio. The data indicators include information related to sustained number of COVID-19 cases, community spread, hospitalizations and intensive care unit admissions, and emergency room visits.

The Ohio Department of Health says that counties with zero to one indicators will be considered to be level 1 or “yellow”. Only one county in the state falls under this level as of today.

Level 2 (orange) will identify counties with two to three of the seven indicators. Right now, there are 19 Ohio counties that are orange.

A total 68 counties in Ohio fall into the red, level 3 category, triggering four to five of the seven indicators. Jackson County has met five of the seven indicators in the system.

There are no Ohio counties that fall into level 4 or “purple” category at this time.

The Ohio Public Health Advisory Alert System has been developed to assist communities and individuals in assessing risk for COVID-19 and respond to conditional recommendations.

DeWine also announced that the coronavirus.ohio.gov website has been updated to add a new “zip code” dashboard.

Users can now view data from their local communities on a map and filter by probable or confirmed case status, county, a specific zip code, or a time period.

DeWine stated that all 88 counties in Ohio have “high incidence” of community spread of COVID-19. He encouraged Ohioans to prevent exposure to the virus by wearing masks, observe social distancing by six feet, and washing hands frequently.{/div}{div dir=”auto”} {/div}{div dir=”auto”}The Jackson County Health Department is reporting that the cumulative total, as of Nov. 16, stands at 723 lab-confirmed (positive) cases.As of press time, there are 126 active cases. So, that would mean that there are 597 presumed recoveries.

It also reported 49 probable (likely) cases of COVID-19. A probable case is defined as an individual who reports a history of a COVID-like illness and is epidemiologically linked to a confirmed case or an individual who reports a history of a COVID-like illness with supportive lab results, but does not have testing done.

The health department is also reporting 16 positive antibody tests. The CDC reports that an antibody blood test checks your blood by looking for antibodies, which show if you had a previous infection with the virus. These are separate tests from lab-confirmed case tests.

There are 13 current hospitalization. There have been a total of 53 individuals with lab-confirmed cases that were hospitalized at some point.

A total of 1,580 tests have returned negative in Jackson County.

The health department is reporting that 50 percent of the 723 confirmed cases have an underlying health condition. The breakdown of gender infected is 56 percent female, and 44 percent male. The age range in years among those infected is 0-96.

Sadly, there have been nine deaths in Jackson County.

Jackson Mayor Randy Evans shared recently that Jackson Wastewater Department Head Joan Waugh reports that recent Ohio Department of Health testing shows a huge increase of “viral load” of COVID-19 in the city’s sewer. This testing of the waste is a good indicator of increased community spread.

Vinton County:

Vinton County, like all the others in the state, is still classified as having a high incidence for spread for COVID-19. The county is currently orange according to the Ohio Public Health Advisory System, making it a level 2 public emergency. The Ohio Department of Health recommends a high degree of caution to those areas at a level 2.

As of deadline, the number available from the Vinton County Health Department lists their total number of cases at 167 confirmed with 14 probable cases and 20 active cases.

The number of recovered county cases sits at 156 with an unfortunate 5 confirmed deaths. The county has no pending tests and there is one hospitalization.

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