From the Sept. 14, 1950 edition of the McArthur Democrat-Enquirer:

Company houses in Oreton were moved elsewhere following the sale of the enti

  • re property. Three houses were torn down that week, and the Oreton post office was moved to Radcliff. The old Eberts store, operated by David Eberts, was to be demolished.
  • A 19-year-old New Plymouth man died after being electrocuted while operating a model airplane. A gust of wind reportedly carried the plane into nearby powerlines.
  • At the movies: the Vinton in McArthur played “Johnny Eager” and “Easy Living.” The Moonlight Auto Theatre played “Sands of Iwo Jima.”

From the Sept. 15, 1960 edition of the McArthur Democrat-Enqurier:

  • A McArthur contracting firm, Engle Construction Company, was awarded a contract for the construction of a dam at the then new Chief Logan Boy Scout camp.
  • The 202nd installment of the Vinton County’s Living Pioneers series highlighted a Nixon who would not be voting for her relative in the upcoming election, Claude C. Smith. “I don’t like him, but he has a nice wife,” she told the Democrat-Enquirer.
  • In ads, Dodrill Ford Sales sold a 1958 Fairlane 500 automatic for $1,545.

From the Sept. 17, 1970 edition of the McArthur Democrat-Enquirer:

  • Oliver Mills, who was the alleged killer of Vinton County’s sheriff, was apprehended the week before, and he appeared in court, delaying his plea. The Vinton-Jackson Courier has been retelling this story in a separate series.
  • At the movies: the Louvee played “Two Mules for Sister Sara.”

From the Sept. 17, 1980 edition of the Vinton County Courier:

  • In sports, the Vikings dropped their season opener to Wellston, 21-3. Tim Hale scored the only points for Vinton County when he booted an 18-yard field goal.
  • The Courier continued coverage of the “Bigfoot” investigation in the county. Weeks prior, Larry Cottrill heard a noise outside his home four

miles from McArthur; upon investigating the disturbance, he claimed to see a creature, roughly 7-feet tall, with long dark hair and red eyes (when caught in light) standing in his potato patch. Plaster molds were cast of the tracks allegedly left by the creature. Numerous sightings were apparently reported after that incident, and a group of men reportedly spent a night camping out in the Hamden wilderness in hopes of capturing said Sasquatch, but came back without the famed cryptid.

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