Keels enters art in Creative Arts Festival Show in Chillicothe

Denver Keels entered this clay sculpture clock into the Veterans Creative Arts Festival Show in Chillicothe.

Denver Keels dropped off his art project at the Chillicothe Veterans Medical Center on Groundhog Day just in time for the new Veterans Creative Arts Festival Show to be held March 15.

The Creative Arts Director initially placed it in Military Combat Experience under the Special Arts category but the judges can move it to another category if needed.

A clay sculpture clock was made into a Vietnam combat helmet called “E.T.S. Time.” E.T.S. is an acronym for the time when a G.I.’s term of service is up for his branch of the military. Short timers would simply mark off a calendar or something else handy until their last day to go home.

This helmet is just a sample of some of the supply issue stuff, or other junk, soldiers would strap on their helmets. Items could range from one to as many as needed, or even something special to keep the soldiers psyched up, but not all were exactly in the latest fashion.

The one submitted by Keels has a dog tag, a hippie peace necklace on the front, an ace of spades which is a GI’s pride and joy, a pack of cigarettes, a book of matches, insect repellent, an ink pen, a can opener, three psychedelic buttons on the back, and mild graffiti, without the camouflage color.

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