Oak Hill Marching Oaks Band Bus

Pictured is the current paint job of the Marching Oaks Band Bus.

OAK HILL— At a recent Oak Hill Union Local Schools Board of Eduction meeting, the board members approved the Marching Oaks band bus to be repainted at no cost to the band or school.

Marching Oaks Band Director Bryce J. Werntz told the Jackson County Times-Journal that, “Rick Hollback had set up everything for us to get the band bus repainted.”

“Rick’s son is our Assistant Band Director, Greg Hollback,” explained Werntz. “A few weeks ago Rick called and pursued this matter with the Chillicothe CCI (Chillicothe Correctional Institution).”

Werntz went on to say that the bus will be delivered to the Chillicothe CCI on Nov. 27, and will be returned in a couple of weeks.

“The prison in Chillicothe does this kind of stuff for organizations and they are going to take the bus and repaint and refurbish it,” said Werntz. “They will be repainting the bus with a slight new design, than what we have now.”

The Jackson County Times-Journal asked Werntz about what kind of refurbishments they will be doing to the bus and he said they will be sanding down the current paint, fixing the rust spots, then they will prime it, paint it and clear-coat it. They will also be reupholstering the driver seat of the bus.

According to Werntz, once the bus is returned they will have someone put the lettering, “Oak Hill Marching Oaks” back on the bus, which will be a separate project.

The Marching Oaks Band Bus has been around for six band seasons.

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