Lindsay Snyder

Graduates Name: Lindsay Snyder

School: Wellston high school

Accomplishments: Lindsay played all 4 years of high school basketball, 2 years in junior high. She played volleyball 3 years of high school, 2 years junior high, and little league. She will be continuing her volleyball journey playing for the Rio Grande Red Storms starting this fall. She has done multiple hours of community service for her school. She participated in BPA. She also worked at a church camp last summer. And was able to meet new people and made new friends.

Future Plans: She plans on continuing her education at Rio Grand college well she will be majoring in sports medicine and exercise.

Extracurriculars: She is an active member in her church youth group. She volunteers for local organizations when she is needed.

Favorite Quote: "Your right" or "I got this"

Favorite Memory: going camping and watching her run to the creek where she would spend so many hours with her family playing and laughing and having so much fun.

Advice To Future Generations: Never give!!! Always do your best and keep going even if no one believes in you. Always believe in yourself!!! And most of all, let God lead you. His path is the best path.

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